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All over the world, fresh water is treated differently at a treatment center before it is sent to your home.
As water passes slowly through this chamber, finer particles (sediments) are filtered out over layers of sand, charcoal and gravel. Chlorine or other kinds of disinfection methods is applied to kill any bacteria and other living organisms that may be in the water. The water is then passed into large storage tanks and left for a while for the action of disinfection to be complete. As already explained in previous post, design criteria is guideline values for designing new wastewater treatment facilities which is determined through research and laboratory scale model studies as well as operational experience.
Detention time or hydraulic retention time is the average time spent by the influent sewage in the aeration tank.
Clearly the higher inflow rate Q, the sooner the sewage influent will reach the outlet and therefore the lower the residence time or hydraulic retention time will be. In designing wastewater treatment plant, hydraulic retention time must be sufficiently long to remove the requisite proportion of BOD from the untreated wastewater.
The solid particles in wastewater experience two types of velocities in any tank where the flow is continuous, one along horizontal direction due to drag force and another along the vertical direction due to gravitational force.

Flow through velocity is the velocity with which the wastewater flows through a treatment unit. Understanding of particle settling velocity is used to determine the depth of treatment unit to separate suspended solid by gravity settling and to check the adequacy of length or diameter of a tank to remove particles before the effluent flows out of basin. Weir loading rate or weir overflow rate is defined as the quantity of wastewater flowing over a unit of weir length of the tank in a day. I will like to get your address and the cost of your products also the type of products you have.You can reach me on my Email.
Surface water is more often treated rigorously than underground water, as it has less contaminants. At the tail end of this storage tanks, huge pipes are connected to transport water to our homes and work places.
It is therefore unhygienic and dirty; containing dissolved and suspended particles of sewage and surface matter. The bigger ones like paper, bottles and plastics go first, then the lesser ones such as silt. Some of it( the sludge) is squeezed to expel the excess water it hold while the remaining is reused.
In this post I want to discuss more about the design criteria of wastewater treatment plant.

In a conventional activated sludge system, the HRT will be between 5 and 14 hours (source).
Design considerations should include effects of low-flow periods to ensure that longer residence times will not cause septic conditions. The horizontal velocity is called flow through velocity, while the vertical is called settling velocity.
It is therefore crucial for a wastewater treatment process to be undertaken before consumption. It is important to note that the design calculations are usually based on certain assumptions.
Septic conditions increase potential odors, solubilization, and loading to downstream processes (source). Hence, it is important  to have a clear understanding about the concept of design criteria and the significance in determining capacities and dimensions and wastewater treatment units.

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