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We are happy to report that all of the twenty-four Bryce Homes in Kenya now have water filtration systems. Understand the Times was able to obtain water filtration systems from a company called Sawyer that provides such filters to many organizations that help the poor around the world. We are also pleased to report that all of the Bryce Home widows now are participating in the Small Business Opportunity (SBO) program started by UTT. We are grateful for some special donations that came in that helped to pay for a new solar panel system for Pastor Achilla’s house. Please join us in prayer as we ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance in moving into the next stages of development for the Bryce Homes in Kenya.
Answer: Roger Oakland, director of Understand the Times and founder of the Bryce Homes International, travels to Kenya once or twice a year where he meets with the three Kenyan men (Pastor Achilla, Pastor Nelson, and Walter) who are running the program from Kenya. Two US students from Penn State University have developed an affordable ceramic water filtration system for Africa’s Sub-Saharan countries. Working under the Penn State’s Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship (HESE) program, students Kory Hansen and Jin Ju Kim first tested and tried the filters on the Penn State campus.
After working on the water filter system, the students took up another micro-financed project, dealing with social needs of women in African countries.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. The beauty in this innovation is that clean water is no longer an element of charity or some handout. We have teamed up with a charity See Beyond Borders to help support rural communities in Cambodia through our company. Also, I'd love to hear from anyone that has experience with water projects in developing communities for a blog series we want to run! I think this is a great innovative way for countries who can't afford a professional grade water filtration system to still provide clean water to their people.
I can understand people trying to help solve the world\\\'s water problems by trying to find new solutions regarding water filters, however, this will not be one that is going to be applied. School Children Pour Filtered Water From Their New Water Filtration System In Kakamega, Kenya. School children pour filtered water from their new water filtration system in Kakamega, Kenya. The concrete Biosand filter is an innovative version of the slow sand filter specifically designed for household use.
As with the other types of water projects we support, we are meeting the clean drinking water needs of the region and providing needed jobs. The Biosand filter is comprised of a container - plastic or concrete - and is about the size of an office water cooler. Dirty water is poured into the top of the biosand filter, where a diffuser plate evenly distributes the water over the sand bed layer. The removal of contaminants and disease causing agents is possible due to a combination of biological degradation and mechanical filtration processes.

The drinking water produced with the Biosand process is tasteless, clear in color, odorless and safe for drinking. Studies have shown the Biosand filter can remove more than 90% of bacteria and 100% of parasites, dramatically increasing the safety of the water. We're working through Thirst Relief International in support of Biosand projects in Africa.
On average a single filter costs a total of $70 to construct and install for a household of 10-15 people. Individual Biosand filters can be sponsored by donors and we'll tell you into which project your filter was installed.
Groups however can sponsor entire villages or neighborhoods and receive photos and updates as their projects are implemented.
Understand the Times began to place  water filtration units in each Bryce Home in June after Roger Oakland, founder and director of Understand the Times, returned from visiting the homes this past spring.
Where our families live in a remote area, they are required to walk long distances to get water from streams, ponds, or community boreholes and then carry the water in five-gallon pails back to their houses. The decision was made to purchase the system after he had gone without electricity for several weeks, making extreme hardship not just for his family but also for the Bryce Home project. It was just about 3 years ago that the project was launched after Roger Oakland made a trip to Kenya where he saw the tremendous and dire need in the lives of these Christian families in Kenya. If you would like to help support these dear families, click here to go to the Understand the Times website. How much of the donations from Lighthouse Trails and Understand the Times go directly to the Christians in Kenya who are in the Bryce Home project? While the program does put donations toward practical needs such as housing, food, clothing, water purification, latrines, standard education for the children, and start up money for agriculture and other businesses for the widows, there is regular instruction in the Word of God presented by Pastor Achilla, Pastor Nelson, Pastor Lawrence, and Pastor Daniel.
The system is based on a design by the non-profit organization Potters for Peace, and it can be built in just two days for $200. The system removed 99.9 percent of bacteria and it shows promise as a method of securing fresh water for homes in rural East African home, eliminating the need to go to long distances to collect it.
These low cost water filters only require education and training for the communities to be empowered to filter their own water.
These are water filtration systems for third world countries that don't currently have access to clean water systems.
The water travels down through the sand bed, passes through multiple layers of gravel, and collects in the plastic pipe at the bottom of the filter.
The organic material present in the dirty water is trapped at the surface of the sand bed, forming a biological layer, or ?schmutzdecke?, which actively removes pathogens and contaminants.
We have other donors who recognize the importance of keeping the lights on and paying for the internet connection, so you don't have to. Many of the children and widows were suffering  with disease and sickness because of unclean and contaminated water. Not only is there the problem of the water source being a long distance away, such water also contains many pathogens that are the cause of serious life-threatening diseases.

Thanks to Understand the Times and Lighthouse Trails readers, we have been able to purchase enough systems so that each of the Bryce Homes in Kenya have one.
Being as Pastor Achilla is the head director of the program, it is essential that he be able to use his computer and also have light in his home.
In addition, both he and the editors at Lighthouse Trails have regular communication through the year.
However, silver is probably the only thing not local, and it had to be imported from India or China,” said Hansen. We fired it at the temperature used in the classroom, and the mixture of sand and clay turned to glass and filled the holes that filter the water,” she added.
Professional mobile water purification systems can cost substantially more than $200 because of the technology and expertise required to set them up. The clean water then exits through the plastic piping for a family to collect in clean containers. In addition to the water filtration systems, the families will all be receiving a water collection system as we have mentioned in the past. During any given week, many people come by Pastor Achilla’s house for some kind of assistance or to have a meal. New houses have been built, clothes and bedding purchased, family agriculture developed, latrines have been built, cookstoves and stove pipes installed in all the new homes, and much more. Florence 2, the overseer of the project (and one of the Bryce widows), checks in regularly with each widow to talk about the progress and to remind the widows to save enough of their earnings to turn around and buy more material or product. We have found Pastor Achilla to be a very kind and giving man, and we are glad we were able to help set him up with solar energy.
After hearing that Vitamin C could possibly help those with Ebola, we decided to try to make sure that the Bryce Home families each had a small stock of Vitamin C if they became sick with Ebola or other similar diseases. And best of all, the widows and children are being taught the Word of God by Pastor Achilla, Pastor Nelson, and other area pastors who have discernment; and many in the community are turning to the Lord in seeing His goodness and mercy.
Also check out our newest slideshow (see below) for recent photos of the Bryce Homes in Kenya. This allows for the collection of rain water that can be used for drinking, bathing, cooking, and personal hygiene.
As God provides, we would like to see all of the Bryce Homes have solar panels in the future. While we know that this is not a sure cure, it is an affordable and easy-to-obtain substance that can help improve the overall health and immune system. Each of them is testifying how this and the other Bryce Home projects have changed their entire family life.

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