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Preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled filter changes by KASCO's professional technicians means you don't have to worry about replacing filters before they go bad. Contact KASCO for more information on how our commercial water filtration systems and regular filter changes by our factory trained technicians will provide your business the clean, safe water it needs. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
When we talk about what is water filtration, this term means any type of filtration system or methods which is used to filter out contaminants from water. Different water filtration systems have different functions and efficiency, but they can improve water quality in some way.
By Kellene Bishop This article is a continuation of Part I of the Water Filtration Facts and Fiction that I had posted last week in which I reviewed several different aspects for which consumers should be on the lookout when determining which water filtration system to purchase.
Manufacturers will typically claim that their devices rid your water of a certain percentage of bacteria, cysts, viruses, etc. Before you get all impressed with just how many nines are used by a manufacturer conveyed in their marketing claims, pay special attention to the words and symbols in front of that number.
Last week I addressed this aspect from a very simplistic point of view, but Dennis gave me a much better appreciation of this frequently used fallacy. Bacteria can grow in water, so a sample of contaminated water can have a large number bacteria. I read on a site for Berkey the Black Berkey® Purifier Elements are the most powerful gravity filtering solution, certified to eliminate pathogenic bacteria to the EPA's "7 Log" purification standard of 99.99999% reduction. Every water filter out on the market says it's the best, so it's hard for consumers to know what claims are really true. We ordered the Sawyer Model# SP194 (4-liter gravity system) today before we found your enlightening info. You mention the threat of "leaving your fortress" in the event of an emergency--a valid concern.
We are needing a water filter and I have read both of your articles but do not see where you recommend any or is the Aquamira the one you think is best?
I went to the aquamira site, but didn't see where they have a home filtration unit, nor the divvy system referenced in your article, are you still planning more articles in this series, I'm still unsure of what unit I should be buying. I'd really be interested in knowing what YOUR plans are for this critical preparedness item.
Every household requires multiple methods of water filtration as there are different types of water crises.
Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment. Water is an important and finite resource, and Body Glove Water Filtration products make it easier for everyone to participate in conservation efforts while enjoying the benefits of clean drinking water.
Filtering your own water instead of buying bottled keeps thousands of empty plastic bottles out of landfills. To offset that damage even further, we donate a portion of each Body Glove Water filter sale to the Surfrider Foundation and their efforts to keep our waterways free of plastic waste. The average bottle of water costs about a dollar, filtering your own instead of buying bottled can also translate to a cost savings of hundreds of dollars a year. Be sure to take a look at our Reduction Chart to see a side by side comparison of each level of filter technology. Are you in the market to purchase a home water filter for the first time or if you are thinking of replacing the one you already have?
After you read through this list of benefits of home water filtration systems, you will absolutely be persuaded that filtering your own drinking water offers a lot of benefits in terms of savings, health, or environmental concerns.
In having healthy drinking water, you would not need to worry about the quality of your water because you will have total control. You will not depend on bottled water which may have been parceled from a municipal treatment plant somewhere. It helps the environment when you drink water from your own water filter and reduce dependence on bottled water, you will be helping to diminishing the amount of empty plastic on the streets which finally pollute water ways, and affect drinking water supply.
There is marvelous amount of savings benefits when you filter your drinking water in your own house. One of the groups that profit the most during these emergencies is the bottled water company while your wallet is used up due to events you did not prepare or budget for. There would never be bacterial re-growth in the allocation pipes which could contaminate water as it moves from the treatment plant to homes and other points of use. Essential 88 Water Filter – stops particulates larger than mesh opening, ignoring small particulates that can safely pass throug the system. WARNING: Our "Network Solutions" Shopping Cart may not be compatible with some browsers at this time.

We know most people's only choice for mountain spring water is to get it in plastic bottle form. IMPORTANT NOTE for CA & IOWA Residents from the Adya, the Manufacturer: The Adya Portable Water Filtration Unit and Replacement Filters are not available for residents of California or Iowa due to certain restrictive water treatment registration laws. Combine the power of Adya gravity-fed water filtration system with Adyas Clarity mineral solutions to balance your water as only nature can.* Complete kit comes with Adya Water Filter, 16oz Adya Clarity, Ceramic Pre-filter and Multi-Stage Filter. Natural, 4-layer earth filter: your water will filter through 4-layers of earth which include activated carbon and zeolites. Adya ionic mineral solutions: our mineral solutions combine with water to eliminate or reduce such substances as chlorine or fluoride. The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System is a gravity-fed, free-standing unit that does not require any electricity or water pressure to create purified and enhanced water.
Additional Information: The Adya Mountain Spring Water Filtration System has two water chambers. Fill the upper chamber with water and add a minimum of 1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity Ionic Minerals.
Although, it is recommended to ensure optimum health benefits, Adya Water filtration system is not required to be used with Adya Clarity. Do you want drinking water that is oxygen enhanced, provides a higher level of hydration, has impurities eliminated, supplies your body with vital ionic minerals, and has a great refreshing taste?
For most the answer is Yes and now all of this available simply by adding Adya Clarity Magnetic Sulfate Minerals to your water. Adya, Inc, has discovered and observed one mineral source that is especially efficient as a cleaner and it is known as Biotite or Black Mica. Black Mica (Biotite) is iron rich and has a natural layered structure of iron magnesium aluminum silicate sheets, which is bonded together by layers of potassium ions. Mica is also known to be the best source for mineral formations such as fulvic acid, zeolites, ocean salts, and etc.
Whether it is chlorine, bacteria or some other harmful substance, you water can be enhanced.
Many customers of Adya Clarity, who add Adya minerals to their water from their distiller, reverse osmosis system or other highly filtered water system, find that it makes the water more balanced and refreshing. KASCO's premium commercial water filtration systems have been installed in thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, delis and bakeries. Perfect for water supply lines to ice machines, coffee makers, steamers, produce misters and more. Today I’m going to delve into greater detail with just ONE of those aspects.  Sorry, but contrary to my thinking that I could do this all in a Part II version I was SO wrong and totally underestimated last week just how much material I had to cover, thus I've decided there is still at least another part of this series to come. I previously mentioned that there are a standard number of logs that MUST be removed for each type of contaminant in order to have any bearing on the performance of the filtration device, and I gave an only partial explanation for this.
I am more than happy to wait for the next ones to come out because it is great information. It's a plan that many people are planning on for their emergency water scenarios, but it's a bad idea for a whole lot of reasons--external pollutants and contaminants that can't be safely removed by any many. Yet, I planned on doing cooking with a solar oven in the event of an emergency, and that requires me to leave my fortress, too. The issue is whether or not their "fortress" is secure enough to use a solar oven right outside their door. Aquamira most definitely has all that a person needs and they are more than happy to answer questions pertinent to one's personal and unique situation. Home filtration also means fewer water bottles are transported and distributed at great environmental cost. Perhaps you've tested your water and have identified the exact contaminants in it helping you to buy the best filtration system. You cannot foresee when your town or city will issue a water advisory for any kind of water problems. The water will drip through the ceramic filter of the upper chamber, down through the natural, 4-layer earth filter, into the water reservoir. Filtering times vary because of differences in barometric pressure where the filter is being used. Adya Claritys Magnetic Sulfate Minerals utilizes this powerful natural force by attracting contaminants and clumping them into larger sized particles.
No need to know what the substance is, Adya minerals are there to win the battle and bring some Clarity to our water! Nor is any information contained on or in any product label or packaging intended to provide or replace professional health care advice. But there is actually a standard established by NSF as to how many logs (nines) that a filter must remove for specific types of contaminants.

As Dennis puts it, “both mean ‘almost’ or ‘not quite.” Science is one of the few things in life that can provide us with exactness.
Pathogenic viruses don't grow in water, they need human cells as hosts, so there would be fewer viruses in a water sample; hence, fewer 9s. And yes, you should be able to see the actual testing results--especially with something like this.
When I couldn't find the actual test numbers or the validation of the testing results a red flag went up!
Also, leaving your "fortress" to get water is vulnerable and yet would be expected by anyone who was watching closely.
Pipe breaks, oil spills, sewage spills, earthquakes, hurricanes, or storms that devastate wastewater treatment plants can result in drinking water contamination.
As the filter is used over time, buildup of material can occur during the normal filtration process.
Adya minerals go a step further by supplying magnetic ionic minerals that can both clarify and activate oxygen in the water. There are many different types of water filtration system, including activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis, UV light units, water distillers and other water treatment devices. Reverse Osmosis systems are becoming more and more popular in recent years, because they can provide you with plenty of purified water in a short time.
As such, you may actually see a manufacturer show the proper number of nines but they will also use some misleading words or symbols prior to those nines.  I got so dizzy trying to understand the system behind this practice that I had to reach out to an expert, Dennis Brown of Aquamira. Water filtration is a science.  If you’re reading a manufacturer’s claims and you see any of these types of “warm fuzzy” words, run away—far, far away. Cysts and parasites would also be present in smaller numbers in water, so again, fewer 9's. It has helped with my confusion and luckily prevented me from buying a unit that would not have been in my best interest.
Remember, the numbers of logs removed isn't relevant unless you know what baseline was used. In times of trial it would also be difficult to secure from others both two legged and 4 legged critters. Before your eyes, you will see previously invisible and dissolved contaminants become visible and insoluble! Dennis Brown is one of the few individuals I know I can trust to shoot straight with me in the water filtration industry. When a water filtration company says that their water filtration system removes 99.99% of e-coli, that sounds pretty impressive, so a person thinks they are safe. In fact, he actually resigned from a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, one which benefited from his water purification designs. This is, in my opinion, one of the two most common areas of misinformation in the water filtration and treatment industry. He left that industry in pursuit of his passion of providing quality potable water solutions for the world without any of the standard marketing practice nonsense. His filtration and treatment products are used daily all over the world among recreation, military, government, humanitarian, and commercial organizations which provide him with an active pulse and a great deal of feedback on their performance.  I can’t expect for much more than that.
But any manufacturer who tries to tell you that they did such a great job testing their water at 2, 3, or 4 logs on bacteria is definitely sorely mistaken and it’s YOUR LIFE and well-being at stake.  As a further example, let’s say that we pitted two filters against each other. I, for one, suspect that these water filtration companies expect you to have forgotten which sign means what when they are describing their water filtration effectiveness. Yes, that means that they are saying that their test results for bacteria manifested LESS THAN 99% and 68% respectively! One of the things that really frosted me about two of the most well-known water filter sites was that they had conflicting test results there. I can get that kind of "safe" using any ice dispenser at nearly any restaurant in the country.
Bottom line, pay attention to the NINES.  As Dennis says, “They sound really good on a piece of marketing literature but all it is is a huge disclaimer that the manufacturer is buffalo-ing the consumer and absolves them of a liability claim”.
Brown said, “the (percentage) number may look good, sound good, and is warm and fuzzy but is nothing more than a huge legal ruse.” Now, understanding that each type of contaminant has its own standard for the number of logs that must be removed and, it’s important that you keep in your cell phone or just plain memorize which contaminants require which number of log testing.

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