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Preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled filter changes by KASCO's professional technicians means you don't have to worry about replacing filters before they go bad. Contact KASCO for more information on how our commercial water filtration systems and regular filter changes by our factory trained technicians will provide your business the clean, safe water it needs. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Third Stage: If we attached the ultra violet rays with the first two filters then we can easily remove all kinds of bacteria and virus from the water. In first stage: It filters dust, rust, sediment, silt, scale and suspended sand particals bye the help of Nominal 5 Micron resin bonded calluses sediment fibre cartridge.
Reverse osmosis water is also free from sulfates, arsenic, aluminium, radioactivity, salts, detergents, bacteria and most viruses.

KASCO's premium commercial water filtration systems have been installed in thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, delis and bakeries.
Perfect for water supply lines to ice machines, coffee makers, steamers, produce misters and more. Aqua pure is a water purification of it's own kind which fulfills the standard of EPA, FDA and WHO. It is very effective at reducing foul taste and odor, plus certain volatile organic chemical along with pesticides and insecticides. Uvlight is a point-of-contact disinfection system designed for Bacteria reduction that does not require the addition of any chemicals and does not alter the taste or Quality of the Water, UV energy is germicidal. Where as reverse osmosis water purifier is comparatively pure and is odorless and colorless.

It is classified as soft water, since all hardness is removed during the process of reverse osmosis.
Its effect is a result of the light, ability to penetrate the organisms Cytoplasmic membrane (protective layer) and attack the Deoxyribonu leic Acid Structure (DNA). The DNA is photo - chemical damaged, Disabling itself - Reproducing ability and rendering the cell life less and they lose their ability to make us ill. It has the special property of being able to actively absorb toxic substances from the body and eliminate them.

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