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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Rather than the expensive RO option, we encourage home owners to first look for non-RO type special purpose filters, described above, to accomplish specific filtration objectives. Pentek S1 Series cartridges are manufactured from a pleated cellulose media and are designed for general water filtration purposes. The media is pleated around a polypropylene core for added strength and the ends are immersed in a thermo-setting vinyl plastisol.
Pentek ECP Series cartridges are manufactured from a special formulation of resin-impregnated cellulose and polyester fibers. This unique blend of materials provides a higher wet strength that regular cellulose cartridges. Pentek R Series cartridges are manufactured from a durable, non-woven and reusable polyester fabric that is suitable for a wide range of filtration uses.

The media is pleated around a polypropylene core for added strength and the ends are are immersed in a thermo-setting vinyl plastisol. Pentek DGD Series cartridges are manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene and are sized for use in our Big Blue® Filter Housings. DGD Series cartridges are designed for purity and will not impart taste, odor or color to the liquid being filtered.
In 1995 Clack Corporation developed and introduced Hydro-Cure® melt blown polypropylene sediment cartridges.
Clack Hydro-Cure® Cartridges are manufactured on state-of-the-art production equipment using a computer controlled process to ensure reliability and performance. Embedding and sealing each end of the pleat in this fashion fuses the three components together forming a unified end cap and gasket. It also provides high flow rates and dirt-holding capacity, while maintaining extremely low pressure drop.

Additionally, the polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.
Designed initially for the potable water market, today these cartridges are used in a wide variety of applications where economical filters are required. The overlap seam is sonically welded to reduce internal bypass improving filtration efficiency.

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