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Parker's 15F economy modular coalescing filter is designed to remove liquid aerosols, water, oil and submicron particulate matter from your pneumatic system.
Parker's 15F Economy Modular Coalescing Filter is designed to remove liquid aerosols, water, oil and submicron particulate matter from your pneumatic system. Compressed air is contaminated with compressor oil, watercondensate, pipe scale and rustall of which provide the ideal environment and means to grow bacteria. Cahoon Farms packages fresh sliced apples andcherries, dried apples, and otherassorted dried fruits. Metals,Nitrate Salts, Trihalomethanes, Nitrate, Iron, Zinc, Mercury, Selenium, Lead, Arsenic, Cyanide, Fluoride, Barium, some forms of Radium, VOCs, PCBs, Sediment, Copper, Chloride, total dissolved solids and more!
Please call or contact us if you have any questions, need service for your existing Reverse  Osmosis System, or to set up an appointment for us to come out and evaluate your existing  drinking water.

This natural occurring contaminate can also effect thetaste, appearance and shelf life offood product. Compressed air is used extensively throughout the facility servicing pneumatic equipment, slicing and mixing food product, and packaging. The 15F is specifically designed for the removal of solid particles, water and oil aerosols down to 0.01 micron.
Liquid releases from the filter cartridge to an automatic drainas rapidly as it enters the filter. Many doctors are recommending Alkaline water, We can install an alkaline filter on your existing system or you can purchase an alkaline system, Whatever your needs are… We are here to help!
The modular style of the 15F allows you to connect any combination of similar air preparation product by using connector brackets.

Thisallows the filter to continue removingliquids for an unlimited time without loss of efficiency or flow capacity. The investment in these filtration systems ensures Cahoon Farms’ products will maintain superiortaste, quality and freshness withan extended shelf life. The 15F comes standard with a polycarbonate bowl, wrapped with a metal bowl guard, providing 360 degrees of visibility to content inside the bowl.
The various options available (such as auto drain, twist drain, DPI gauge and assortment of bowl options) make this series easy to configure for your application.

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