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Preventive maintenance and regularly scheduled filter changes by KASCO's professional technicians means you don't have to worry about replacing filters before they go bad. Contact KASCO for more information on how our commercial water filtration systems and regular filter changes by our factory trained technicians will provide your business the clean, safe water it needs. Oil filter effectiveness is measured three ways: particle size retention (filtration efficiency), dirt-holding capacity, and resistance to flow. WIX has developed optimum particle size retention quality in filter media through extensive engine wear tests in the real world, at the race track and in the lab. The dirt-holding capacity of WIX filters is significantly larger than the minimum manufacturer requirements between oil changes, which provides you with added security that contaminants captured by the filter stay in the filter.
Check out our interactive oil filter to learn about all the gaskets, mounting plates, support elements,filter media, center tubes, and silicone anti-drain back valves that make WIX the industry leader.

KASCO's premium commercial water filtration systems have been installed in thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, supermarkets, delis and bakeries. Perfect for water supply lines to ice machines, coffee makers, steamers, produce misters and more. In fact, WIX media in automotive full-flow oil filters traps and holds essentially all particles larger than 25 microns (a human hair is roughly 70 microns in diameter), while capturing a high percentage of even smaller particles. All WIX full-flow oil filters for automotive and light truck applications use arch-pleated, prescription-blended media, which provides low initial restriction to oil flow a€“ less than 2 psi pressure drop when filtering oil at a rate of 4 gallons per minute at normal operating temperatures. The prices listed are for items shipped directly from Sage Parts warehouses located in the United States.
All prices shown are in United States dollars.A  If a product is not in stock when you place your order, we will do our best to let you know and to let you know when we anticipate the product will be available.

Safety-Kleen offers a wide range of cleaning equipment and chemistries with unmatched quality and performance. Our sales and service representatives are equipped to work with you to develop the right parts cleaning equipment, chemistries, and associated service to meet your cleaning and environmental service needs.
Safety-Kleen Service Offerings : Full-service support for your equipment Regularly scheduled service you can rely on Cleaning and maintenance at the time of service Collection and responsible management of the used solutions, in accordance with local, state and federal regulations On-site recycling technology with almost any parts washer a customer has - whether it's a Safety-Kleen machine or not Trying to decide on what type of Solvent Parts Washer is right for you?
Download our Quick Reference Guide to help you determine what works best for your business.

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