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Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. It's important to decide what kind of fish you want to keep before your fish tank set up can start. Tall tanks are attractive to look, but that offer less surface area than wider, lower tanks. One very popular gold fish tank set up is the 30 gallon tank housing 2 small goldfish, usually twin tailed varieties.
A fitted cover for the aquarium prevents evaporation or your goldfish from jumping out of the tank. You want to see your fish clearly, so you'll need a fluorescent light that is pre-fitted to the lid. It's always important to treat water that you add to the tank to remove the chlorine and metals harmful to fish. Plants and decorations make your aquarium look more attractive and offer your fish a varied environment.
Aquarium backgrounds create an illusion of greater depth and can hide the cables and equipment behind the tank. Be sure to wash the gravel in your sink at least 5 times and remove all the floating debris.
Wash out all the plants, decorations and rocks you want to add to your setup in your sink or bath tub.

Setting up a tank where you can quarantine new goldfish or treat sick ones is a must for all aquarists.
Supervision and control systems for harvesting of environmental resources like water, electricity and other energy sources. Environmental Aspects: Water harvesting reduces the use of potable water for irrigation etc. Check test certificate giving test results for pressure, tightness , loss of pressure , metering accuracy , and minimum starting flow. Check that the meter is installing accordingly to the direction of flow marked on the meter.
The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. You can also purchase water filters and purify the water before adding it to the tank to reduce the chemicals needed. While setting up and maintaining a fresh water tank might sound like a difficult task if you follow these instructions you should be up and running in no time. Through wireless Internet technology, WEB and smartphones a better control and utilization of the resources can be obtained. The idea originates from the irrigation business, where Crysberg has a long history and many products among those Internet, WEB and smart phone based irrigation systems.
The embedded sensor and control unit is in principle a box with interface for level sensors, pressure sensors, and alarm contacts, pump activation etc for supervision of water harvesting tanks and pumps.

You don't need to run a CMMS or maintenance management software to keep and maintain the tank. The unit contains logic doing alarm reaction, sending emails and monitoring various parameters.
As long as you keep up the daily maintenance you should have beautiful and healthy tank for your new fish. Further the technology can evolve to other areas like Environmental Resource Management in general. The unit is currently under development for water harvesting and pump control, but will be able to be used for other purposes like Environmental Resource Management in general.The communication modules are used for communication between the server and the embedded sensor and control unit. Crysberg is looking for partners interested in distribution and development of new markets for the current and future technology.
Modules using technologies such as GPRS, Ethernet (LAN) and radio link are already developed and in production.
Module utilizing satellite communication for rural areas is on the development plan.The server solution is already developed and has been in use for years. In the development of the embedded sensor and control unit, the server will utilize and be adapted to the proven technology.

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