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On May 10th, 2016, it was announced that the Bo Prime, along with its related Warframe and sentinel counterparts, would enter the Prime Vault and be retired from the reward tables on May 17, 2016. With maxed rank dual-stat event mods Virulent Scourge, Voltaic Strike, Volcanic Edge, and Vicious Frost the Bo Prime can achieve a status chance of 85%. Combining the above with Enduring Strike will result in an 103.75% status chance during channeling. Due to its lack of Slash damage, mods such as Jagged Edge and Buzz Kill have no effect on it.
With proper mods installed, coupled with its large range and moderate attack speed, the Bo Prime can be an effective tool for dealing with large crowds.
Most of this "evidence" still draws for conclusions made off of patterns, not actual confirmations from DE or any related officials.
So, after all of the "I want Ash Prime!" or "I want Nova Prime!" or "Valkyr has to be a Vandal, uw0tm8" stuff, I decided I want to give a shot at this, to see if I can personally draw anything out of this.
Before we continue, another thing to note is that there isn't really an exact order that they're going about here. I don't know exact seniority order, but if I recall from my trash memory (and the wiki, but shhhh), Saryn and Banshee released at the same time, followed by Valkyr, Zephyer, Mirage, and Mesa in the following open betas. So, at the very least to say, we usually get alternating scheme, with the exception of Ember to Rhino, Loki to Nyx, and now Ash to Trinity.
On October 6, 2015, the Glaive Prime along with Ember Prime and the Sicarus Prime was removed and sent to the Prime Vault. When a thrown Glaive impacts a solid object, it causes damage equivalent to charge damage in a 4M area (Requires Power Throw). Can hit headshots and other weak spots for damage multipliers on its throw (with more ease than a standard melee swing which does not always land where you aim). Catching the Glaive Prime is considered a One-Handed Action, therefore it will not interrupt a reload in progress. Using the charge attack (throw) prevents the use of all melee attacks until the weapon has returned to the thrower, effectively preventing it from being used in as rapid succession as conventional charge attacks.

When it bounces off the wall, it has very low chance to hit an enemy, but can be angled to do so. Due to being a thrown weapon, it has significant travel time, making it hard to hit moving targets at range. This is useful if you throw the Glaive before reloading allowing you to perform a long range attack even as you reload.
A player without Power Throw can use this to emulate Power throw by bouncing the Glaive off the floor between the legs of enemies and have the Glaive hit them all on return. As for the regular Glaive, when using the slide attack, it is possible to chain a second slide attack, for even more slide range and speed. When equipping the Glaive Prime, the player can throw it and then press the channeling button to detonate the Glaive Prime, dealing high AoE damage and returns to the player immediately.
It can explode in this manner when not equipped and thrown, but the explosion timing cannot be controlled and will often damage the user in close quarters. It should be however noted that finisher attacks can still be executed while the weapon is in the air. Thrown attack bounces off of enemy targets and can hit a theoretical infinite amount of targets on the way back to the user. Sword-based Warframe abilities such as Slash Dash can still be used even if the Glaive has not returned to the user. The Glaive can be thrown under a mining machine so that it ricochets back and forth between ground and the machine for a maximum amount of bounces, sometimes destroying it in a single throw.
Against tougher enemies, the Glaive can hit more than once on the outward throw by aiming at the inside of their legs so that the first bounce will bounce into their other leg.
If under the effect of Bullet Attractor or similar abilities, the Glaive cannot be thrown; it instantly returns to your hand without harming you.
When U13 was first released, the throwing attack was changed to match the throwing attack in the stance.
The Glaive Prime shares the same sheath style with the other thrown melee weapons, where they retract and attach under the right arm.

The word "Glaive" historically has referred to many different weapons, none of which refer to a returning throwing disk but more to a polearm or a sword. Oddly enough, though the Glaive Prime has 3 blades, only two are requested in the crafting process. On very rare occasions after throwing the Glaive, it can get stuck somewhere and never come back.
I'm going to try and keep this at a perfectly neutral standpoint (which may or may not fail).
By this means, after Tringlediddly, we're going to get another female 'Frame to choose from. Given that, we can assume that our next two Primes will be Black and White toned, respectively. An exception to this can be found in the movie, Krull, in which a five-bladed throwing weapon which returns to the thrower is called a "Glaive" which is quested for and used by the protagonist. When this happens, the Glaive will shortly reappear in the player's hands but the player will be unable throw the Glaive again or perform any melee attacks. Aside from the standard bling, Primes always have a main bodied color of white or black, coupled with the beige-tan-sandy colors that fill the rest.
If anything, Primes come in pairs of black and white in relative shape, though they will do what they want in the end. If thrown, this weapon will bounce five times before returning to its owner or after reaching 30m away from its owner. Finally, it lands with whatever the design team wants (Mynki does what he pleases!) to do at the time.
This has been effectively proven with the addition of Nueve Primo, who cheekily skipped over the entire seniority list and cut the line through her absolute popularity at the moment (despite taking a few beatings from the nerfbat).

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