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Date: An acceptable form of entering date is YYYY-MM-DD (year-month-day) for example 2009-11-22.
Pay to the order of: This is the person or company who is eligible to cash the cheque (the bearer of the cheque). Memo: You may add a few words which reminds you or the bearer why you have drawn this cheque. The easiest way to cash a cheque is to take it to your home branch (the branch of the bank that you opened your account with) and deposit it in your bank account. Another method to deposit a cheque is via using an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) also known as an ABM (Automated Banking Machine) – See picture. You may also take the cheque to the bank that has issued the cheque (or rather the bank of the person who has drawn the cheque). This post helps you understand how to draw cheques (write a cheque) and how to cash cheques (turn cheques into money).
It usually consists of the street (house) number, the street name, and the suite or apartment number if applicable.

It is common to write the dollar amount in letters and then, the cents on top of the slash to the right of this line in numbers.
As mentioned in the image they represent the cheque number, the branch (transit) number, the financial institution (bank) number, and your account number (the image has broken the account number into the designation number and the account number).
You may either get cash (paper money and coins) in return of the cheque or successfully deposit it in your bank account and be able to spend the money. When you open a bank account that comes with a cheque book then you are opening a chequing account. If you own a GST account then you may be able to claim the GST you are paying (applies to business owners).
In order to cash a valid cheque the date printed on it must be the same as the date of the deposit date or sometime in the past. Al, the CEO of Parsai Immigration Services has represented hundreds of applicants to the immigration authorities since January 2011. In this case you may add the GST amount included in this cheque to ease the job of your accountant in the future.

The rest of the process varies from ATM to ATM but is clear from existing screen options and guidelines.
The one that you use for your daily transactions, grocery purchase, receiving your salary, and so on. The teller usually asks you to swipe your debit card in a card reader and then key in your PIN (Personal Identification Number). They may even put you on hold for a few minutes to further investigate the genuineness of the cheque and your documents (of course they would never insult you, I hope).

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