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The Los Angeles Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks continue their series tonight, but before we get to that point we need to go through the news that happened around the internet today. Our Chris Wolf says that Chase Utley should start at second base when Howie Kendrick returns.
Even though he had to deal with trouble, Kenta Maeda was sensational yesterday on the mound.
Julio Urias made his Triple-A season debut the other night, and he was downright sensational. As a companion sister thread to Meet The Sports Writers, we will now honor our wonderful baseball announcers. Which is in contrast to the executives who allowed 'themselves' into the Hall as 'members'.
A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Allen began broadcasting while an undergraduate at the University of Alabama. Allen gained national acclaim as a broadcaster of numerous World Series and was the longtime voice of baseball's weekly highlight show This Week in Baseball. His gentle southern tones & down-home style endeared him to generations of American sports fans. Many adjectives have been used to describe Scully and his style since his declaration to a teacher at the age of eight of his ambition to become a sports announcer: entertaining, precise, proficient, charming, friendly, outgoing, smooth, relaxed, warm, knowledgeable, intelligent, literate, concise, well-prepared, colorful. Scully has covered many of baseball's most thrilling moments, including Sandy Koufax's four no-hitters, Hank Aaron's 715th home run, Maury Wills's 104 stolen bases, Don Drysdale's and Orel Hershiser's scoreless inning streaks, and Kirk Gibson's dramatic home run in Game One of the 1988 World Series.
Russ Hodges, who passed away in 1971 at the age of 60, held a law degree from the University of Kentucky, his home state. Hodges boasted of the fact that he had seen all but two of the 633 home runs hit by Willie Mays during the announcer's lifetime. Award was made by the Bowery Jeweler's Association, which is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee. 1957 - 1986, Served as the Voice for the Westminster Kennel Club Show for the Madison Square Garden Network. The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown honored Bob with its 1995 Ford Frick Award, the equivalent of a Lifetime Achievement Award for baseball broadcasters. National broadcasting work Bob Wolff is the longest running broadcaster in television and radio history.
Wolff became the pioneer TV voice of the Washington Senators Baseball Club in 1947, moved with the team to Minnesota in 1961 and then joined NBC as the play-by-play man on the TV Baseball Game-of-the-Week in 1962.
Also heard on Mutual's Game-of-the-Day, Wolff was selected to be a World Series broadcaster in 1956 and that year called the Don Larsen perfect game across the country on the Mutual Broadcast System and around the world on the Armed Forces radio.
Wolff was also the 33-year play-by-play announcer of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, and the National Horse Show, the Garden's college and pro basketball and hockey games, men and women's tennis, track and boxing events as well as gymnastics and bowling. New York Knicks and New York Rangers Wolff became known regionally as television's play-by-play voice for eight teams in five different sports ? the New York Knicks and Detroit Pistons of the NBA as well as the New York Rangers of the NHL, the Washington Senators, and Minnesota Twins of MLB, the Baltimore Colts, Washington Redskins, and Cleveland Browns of the NFL, and soccer?s Tampa Bay Rowdies. Started calling Cardinals' games on radio in 1954, first teaming with Harry Carey till '70, and from 72-00 with former Cardinals' 3rd basemen, Mike Shannon. A graduate of Ohio State University, Buck got his baptism behind the microphone during his collegiate days by doing OSU basketball and football, after which he became the baseball announcer for Columbus (1950-51) and Rochester (1953), both Cardinals farm clubs. The native of Holyoke, Massachusetts, was inducted into the Broadcasters' Hall of Fame in 1990 and the Radio Hall of Fame in 1995. October 24, 1967: Former welterweight champion Henry Armsrong (center) was on hand to lend his experienced boxing background to the radio broadcast of the opening night of professional prize fighting in St.
In 1934, at the age of 18, Brickhouse entered the broadcasting profession, working the airwaves for radio station WMBD in his hometown of Peoria, Illinois.
Moving to WGN radio in Chicago in 1940, Brickhouse began recreating Cubs and White Sox games.

Over the years he entertained Chicago fans with the broadcast of over 5,000 games, never criticizing and always taking a positive approach. Caray's reputation as a fearless and out-spoken critic frequently led to disenchantment on the part of his various employers. To broadcast over 6,500 major league games without ever being associated with a winner calls for a broadcaster with very special qualities: one who can charm and entertain his listeners, who is relaxed and reassuring over the air and who projects an unflappable demeanor?maintaining an even keel despite being surrounded by an atmosphere of disappointment and adversity. As part of the golden age of radio, Saam began his career in 1938 describing the Athletics home games for WCAU.
During his illustrious career, Saam described 13 no-hitters, including Jim Bunning's perfect game against the New York Mets in 1964.
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While the country reacted to the tragedy in Boston, Major League Baseball teams and players took a few moments to celebrate the memory of Jackie Robinson. And the biggest celebration of Jackie Robinson Day occurred at Dodger Stadium, when Robinson’s former team honored the man who changed the game forever. Carl Crawford's intention were probably good when he wore special Jackie Robinson Air Jordans. But the best part of the night was listening to Vin Scully tell stories about Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey. Boston Celtic Isaiah Thomas banked in a ridiculous three while being fouled for a four point play. Some of it had to do with the bullpen, some with the second base job, and a whole lot more. Highly articulate and extremely knowledgeable, he was often more popular than many of the outstanding players he covered.
A native of Columbus, Mississippi, he launched his distinguished major league announcing career in Cincinnati in 1934. He started his sports- announcing career in 1929 and quickly became one of the most versatile men in the business.
He was the radio and TV voice of the Washington Senators from 1947 to 1960, continuing with the team when they relocated and became the Minnesota Twins in 1961. He and Curt Gowdy are the only two broadcasters to be honored by both the Baseball and Basketball Halls of Fame.
Seen and heard on two ESPN TV specials in 2008, he?s been on the Madison Square Garden Network since 1954 and on Cablevision?s News 12 Long Island since 1986. Formany years he was the play-by-play telecaster for all events originating from Madison Square Garden.
Frick Award was Jack Buck, a mainstay in the Cardinals broadcast booth since 1954 and longtime sports director for KMOX radio.
Rochester General Manager Bing Devine was so impressed that he recommended Buck to the big club in 1954 as color man, sharing the booth with Harry Caray, the play-by-play announcer. Buck has also distinguished himself in other sports, including broadcasts of the Super Bowl in 1970 and from 1978 through 1984.
He was on the scene in television's infancy, contributing valuable techniques to the industry. Broadcasters didn't travel in those days, so he took on the home games of the Phillies the following season.
A graduate of Texas Christian University, Saam also broadcast college and pro football, college and pro basketball and ice hockey. And it was even more odd that they used a trailer using a release date that has already passed.
But when he wore one of each colour it screamed 'Look at me!' on a day when all players were wearing Jackie's number and no names on their backs.

Allen's broadcasts transcended the drama and excitement of the game in a cultivated, resonant tone that was uniquely his own. Hodges broadcast games for the Reds, Cubs, and Senators, and then joined Mel Allen on Yankees broadcasts. Wolff has also been honored with induction into Madison Square Garden?s Walk of Fame, the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame, Sigma Nu Fraternity Hall of Fame and many others.
On the collegiate scene, he's broadcast the Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Gator Bowl and many others. Upon Caray's departure in 1970, Buck became the principal and he has filled this role ever since with the exception of a one-year hiatus in 1976 when he hosted NBC's Grandstand.
He has also received national acclaim for his work on CBS radio and television, and he hosts his own radio show on KMOX.
Shannon, 32, was sidelined with a kidney ailment in 1970 and worked for the Cardinal front office in promotion and sales this year.
Armstrong and Jack Buck (L), sports director of the local CBS owned KMOX radio, teamed up to announce the feature fight of the Arena Boxing Club's opening card. Before television blanketed the country and before backyards (and front yards) were overrun with satellite dishes, Caray's outspoken, opinionated, sometimes outrageous and often controversial approach was the public's pipeline from the Great Plains to the Eastern seaboard.
In the late '40s, when teams began to air road games as well, Saam remained with the A's out of loyalty to Connie Mack. Despite the dual frustrations of empty dreams and empty seats, By Saam persevered to finally take his deserving place among the elite of his profession. In 1949 he was hired by the New York Giants and, nearly a decade later, followed the team west when the club moved to San Francisco. Wolff began his professional career in 1939 on CBS in Durham, North Carolina while attending Duke University.
Buck and Shannon, at the announcement, said Buck will do the complete play by play and Shannon the color and commentary on the game. Louis, he migrated to California where he spent the 1970 season broadcasting the games of Charlie Finley's Oakland Athletics. Saam spent 38 seasons behind the mikes in Philadelphia without ever experiencing the thrill of a Shibe Park World Series ? silently enduring the agony of frequent defeats. When the Athletics moved to Kansas City following the 1954 season, he rejoined the Phillies and remained with them until his retirement in 1975. His 33 consecutive years as a major league announcer included numerous World Series as well as other major sports broadcasts. He then moved on to Chicago, where he announced White Sox games for 11 years, after which he went cross-town to Wrigley Field to work for the Cubs. It was specifically spelled out that neither the recipients of either award were members of the Hall of Fame.
Colorful and innovative, Barber was highly respected and admired by his peers as an outstanding professional in his field.
Wolff is currently seen and heard on News 12 Long Island, on Madison Square Garden Network programming and doing sports interviews on the Steiner Sports' Memories of the Game show on the YES Network. In his first 41 seasons in the booth, Caray never missed a game, and the fan favorite went on to broadcast over 8,300 games in his 53-year career in the big leagues. The Hall hosts the induction ceremonies, but the recipients are told that they are not themselves members of the Hall of Fame.
A writer, lecturer, and lay preacher, he remains a legend in the elite world of baseball broadcasters.

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