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Let’s be honest for a minute, the latest outgoing generation of the Beetle proved to appeal more-so to the female crowd. So far there is no word on VW bringing the VW Beetle R Concept, dubbed “The Beetle as a sports car”, to the states as a production model.
Hit up the current press release on the new Volkswagen Beetle R Concept appearing at the Frankfurt Motor Show below.
The rear bumper also has air slots – air exhaust vents – that are integrated in the aerodynamic concept of the Beetle R Concept. I find the schematic for the FI shown in the standard current track diagram to be the most helpful. Another thing that would be great to have would be a trouble shooting chart similar to what the Vanagon Bentley has. I have seen a lot of this back in 2011 when I built my motor and fi system, just Ina lot of different places. Avec vagcom en mode test des actionneurs tu peux faire bouger le papillon et faire claquer la vanne N75.Normalement le boitier papillon, tu peux le manipuler a la main mais des que tu le laches, il revient en position ouverte.
From the new aggressive front fascia and 20-inch alloy wheels to the integrated rear diffuser and four-tailpipe exhaust, the new VW Beetle R Concept looks to be a mean machine.

The Beetle still had its fair share of guys that proudly drove the latest iteration of a truly classic German automobile.
The gauge cluster gets special R-specific treatment as well as its integrated auxiliary gauges. We suspect the Beetle R would have a better chance on making it across the pond into the hands of American automotive enthusiasts than the Golf R and Scirocco R ever did.
In the front, the driver and passenger sit in motorsport shell seats with what are referred to as Ergopads made of gray nubuck leather.
With the introduction of an aggressively styled VW Beetle R Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week, it begs to gain some interest from male automotive enthusiasts.
The middle air intake supplies the engine with oxygen, while the outer two contribute to cooling the brakes.
Together with the rear spoiler – which is significantly larger than the production models with up to 200 PS in power – and its black trailing edge, ideal downforce values are attained at the rear axle.
The central instrument cluster (tachometer in the middle, in the style of a sports car) and the auxiliary instruments laid out above the centre console are both modified here. Not to mention, the new Beetle R Concept is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged TSI 4-cylinder hinted to have similar performance numbers of the Golf R and Scirocco R which are currently unavailable in the states.

In a world debut at the IAA, Volkswagen is now showing a third variation of this sporty theme: the Beetle R Concept.
Easy to spot on the Beetle’s wheels, which feature 5 triple spokes, are the blue brake callipers in R design.
A visual and acoustic highlight is the exhaust system with its 2 sets of dual chrome tailpipes.
To maintain temperature regulation of the engine within an optimal range, even under extreme conditions, ventilation slots are found on the right and left sides of the engine bonnet.
Like the Golf R and Scirocco R, the R version of the Beetle was also created at Volkswagen subsidiary Volkswagen R GmbH located near to Wolfsburg.
Matching the seats with their blue piping are the fabric floor mats with their blue-black double borders.

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