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Metal Plate Embossing The ISG offers a wide variety of metal plate marking & embossing systems for identifying items in harsh environments. ME500 2D DM (data matrix) - portable solution for embossing metal plates and dog tags with 2D data matrix barcodes. ME15000 DM (data matrix) - compact, auto-feed, rugged high speed with 2D data matrix barcode capability. ME2000 VS (vision inspection) - heavy-duty metal plate and tag embosser with a built in Vision Inspection System.

DBG-HR Hand held Dot Peen Stamping Machine, View Portable handheld stamping machine, HuaPu Product Details from Chongqing Huapu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Applications include manufacturing, utilities, power plants, oil and gas facilities, botanical gardens, and the U.S. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Now, customization special handheld dot peen marking machine is getting popular and popular.

This is a mere fraction of the production we have done in the past and is meant to give a brief introduction to our range of capabilities and experience. You can send back the problem spare parts to maintenance or replacement the new spare parts for your marker.We depend on our domestic reputation and customer satisfaction to succeed.

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