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So I got home and removed the air cleaner and I am real confused comparing the hoses to the diagram under the hood.
This is the Vacuum Solenoid Valve which seems to have an extra hose coming out of it, not shown on the diagram. A matching numbers Corvette (also called a numbers matching Corvette) means that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the car and the stamp on the engine match, proving that the original engine is still in the car. To find the number on the engine pad, look for a stamped series of numbers near the right-hand cylinder head on front of the engine (1960 to 1991) or on the rear of the engine (1992 to 1996). A Corvette's documentation is an important tool for understanding what is original and what has been replaced. 1968 Mustang California Special Coupe - photographed at the 2006 Barret-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona. I think that 'extra' hose coming out of it goes down to the distributor and is the only hose that does. By finding and comparing specific numbers on the car, you'll be able to tell how original it is in its current condition. Numbers matching can also extend to the transmission, alternator, starter and other components.

Before 1968, when a federal law required this serial number to be visible from outside of the car, the Corvette's VIN was on the steering column (1960 to 1962) or on a brace below the glove compartment (1963 to 1967). This stamp includes codes on where the engine was built, the engine size, the casting date, the assembly date and the serial number. Having other parts with the correct numbers can also be important if you want to maintain as high of a level of factory-correctness as possible.On the transmission, the exact location of the code depends on the brand. Inspecting stamps on the car -- the VIN, engine stamps and trim tag, for example -- and comparing those with sales receipts, the build sheet and expert resources. If someone could take the time to check out the pictures and compare it to the diagram I would appreciate it. It takes a little effort to be able to access some of these numbers, and if you're inspecting a rare or high-value Corvette, it may be worthwhile to bring in an expert to ensure everything is correct. For 1968 and newer Corvettes, the VIN is stamped either on the A-pillar or the dashboard, allowing you to read it through the windshield.The VIN is a code full of information about your Corvette. Many classic Saginaw, Muncie and Turbo Hyrda-matic transmissions, for example, place the code on a stamp or plate on the right-hand side of the transmission case. Be cautious: it is possible to fake matching numbers by sanding off old numbers and restamping them to match the car.

Well when I got back from Napa with my girlfriend's car with some hose length and when I opened up the hood I could not find the left over length of hose! By comparing codes for the engine type and horsepower, the engine cast date, engine build date and the car's build date, it is possible to determine if the engine is original or not.
In these simple digits are details on the manufacture year, the assembly plant and the model. Cast date and assembly date (also called build date) are two other key clues to corroborate an original engine; both dates should be a few months prior to the build date on the body. On a matching numbers transmission, these six numbers will match the production number on the VIN and engine stamp. I'd show the picture of my car or the vacuum diagram on the underside of the hood but I can't get to an image hosting site at work. Even telling me the name of the device on the air cleaner could get me somewhere since I have the vacuum diagram.

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