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Need Help!!!_________________It is better to keep silent and appear stupid, than to open your mouth and confirm it.
Of course you know that the chassis VIN (under the back seat) is the only one that matters, don't you?
Unless you change the chassis (or do something very illegal), your car shall be a '68 for eternity. The only reason I remember the vin plate on the dash was that I changed out dashes in a ground up rebuild on her car. One of the things I remembered about Douglas was seeing the mule deer right at the entrance ramp coming off I-25 into Douglas.
When shopping for replacement parts, especially many Vw owners often become confused because of VIN splits. VW VIN CodesFrom 1965 onwards, Volkswagen used their own 9 or 10-digit chassis numbering system. I wanted to see if anyone out there has some things about their MK5 that is out of the ordinary from the factory. Regarding the VIN, you can search Google for VW VIN reader or decoder and you'll get plenty of hits.
It came standard with DSG, Detroits (they are not available at the dealer here) In-dash navigation HU, trunk spoiler and LED tails. I started this build about a year ago now haven't been able to do much work as my dad owns the shop it is in and he has been very busy with work so it gets done whenever we have time. Makes working on and removing the engine so much easier when you can just unbolt it and remove it._________________Quick little bug, you got a Porsche motor in that?
Ah thats just more internet parroting, 2 of mine have removable valances now and infact aren't even bolted in, just clamped in place by the fender bolts and they don't rattle at all.

You can't even tell they are removable unless you look closely at the weld area next to the decklid seal. Alot of people do this mod now, rattling certainly isn't an issue._________________Quick little bug, you got a Porsche motor in that? Shortly thereafter, I managed to get the harness squeezed in past the dreaded foam, and then hooked up on the inside to the main harness. You find there is a VIN split in 1999 and that there are 2 possible kits for your application. It was useful for determining the VW model (digits 1 and 2) and the year model (digit 3), but in practical terms not much good for anything else. For instance, my buddy has a Laser Blue Mk5 GTI I think it's an '06, American car, left hand drive. And I'm not making a mistake, it's a GTI, I drove it last week just before I bought my GTI. Right now we are working on rebuilding the carb and getting ready to make sure the engine will run good and the transaxle is good then we will move on to the wiring and fuel lines then exterior then we will build an interior for it. First obtain your complete VIN number from either the drivers side windshield or the drivers side door jam label. It's the only one I've ever seen and we're starting to think that it's a pretty rare car (Autobahn package as well). It has the steel sunroof and I was wondering if there is a way to convert it to power, and I have seen fender vents on some cars just wondering if anyone on here would know where to find parts like that.
See our How To Find Your Vw Engine Code page for help on how to find and understand your Vw engine code. VW and Audi parts, along with creating the most satisfying customer service experience possible.

Rather than simply being a chassis number as before, the new 17-digit system would be able to uniquely identify every vehicle made by any carmaker in any part of the world.
I'll get better pics this week, and I think I have one more Carfax I can run, I'll post up everything and see about getting him to join the site too. Our positive 'We Care' attitude is reflected in the amount of work that is put into every BLAU® brand repair kit. All trademarks referenced in this website are displayed for identification purposes only and are in no way intended to denote any affiliation with their corresponding owners. Volkswagen applied the new system for all of their vehicles made from 1 August 1979, the start of the 1980 model year.
Using over 25 years of service experience, we happily assist owners with their repair needs.
Prices, specifications, manufacturers, availability, and special offers are subject to change without notice. To understand the code, and be able to identify any Volkswagen made since 1980, we need to explain what the digits mean.Modern VWs have the VIN located on a plate on the passenger-side of the dash at the base of the windscreen, visible from outside just near the wipers. Many of them are consistent with VW’s old model type system, so you should spot some familiar numbers here. The code begins with 1980, and assigns a consecutive letter or number for each year (except that I, O, Q, U, Z, and 0 are not used). VW has tried to assign specific characters for each of its factories, although there have been some double-ups.

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