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12 янв 2015 Mercedes VIN Decoder, VIN Check, History Report, Lemon Check, Other Resources To Help You Stay Ahe Of. 6 янв 2015 Располагается VIN-код в левой верхней части инструментальной панели видимой через ветровое стекло.
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If you are still in doubt if you need electro module or just standard electrical wiring then ask your authorised service with VIN number from a vehicle (usually the number can be found in car licence papers).
Regulations about towbar registration on your vehicle differs in countries, so if you live out of Slovenian region you should check regulations.
When towbar is installed with our certified partners you will get certificate that towbar was professionaly installed.

If you decide to install towbar with the mechanic of your choice (only certificated mechanics should install towbars) then you should get certificate there.
TOWBAR HOMOLOGATION AND SUBSCRIPTION IN CAR LICENCE IS NOT POSSIBLE IF YOU DONT HAVE CERTIFICATE FOR MOUNTING TOWBAR! Catalog designed to fulfill the mission of easily search for information about original spare parts for VAG vehicles, such as Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat.
If your wehicle has the ability to alert for errors (most common expression is CHECK CONTROL) then you need electro module kit if you want to avoid error alerts and other protection systems.
On this system of wiring you need electro module regardless to vehicle equipement and model (even if there is no error control).

If you selected that towbar is installed with our certified partners then when towbar arrives to mechanic he will contact you and arrange the dates of towbar mounting on your car. All information contained on the website, such as images, names, specifications and references, and much more, serves for reference purposes of visitors.

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