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1968 Vintage Ford F100 Ranger 4x4, Has a Isuzu turbo diesel motor 4cylinder, has new tires, Ranger torque spliter gives you a high and low for each gear. What looks to be the next Ford Edge has been leaked in an apparent corporate Powerpoint presentation deck. Edge will be the first Ford-badged product to come standard with EcoBoost power.Ford officially unveiled the all-new, third-generation Edge today at its Dearborn home, announcing that the latest version of the popular crossover will ride on the same CD4 architecture that underpins the Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy. According to the report, job one on the 2015 hardtop will allegedly start in just a few days, on July 14, although units that are known as "OK to Buy" won't enter production until September 9.

Despite the thumbnail image's blurry and pixelated quality, it appears as if the next generation crossover will be staying close to its current aesthetic despite an all-new front clip with redesigned grille, headlamps, and lower fascia with integrated fog lights.The upscale-minded Blue Oval CUV is due for a redesign in 2015, having just received a mid-cycle refresh for 2011.
The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle's history.
This really runs well sounds sweet just purrs like a kitten excellent fuel mileage somewhere around 34 mpgs. The cars built between those dates are most likely final pre-production cars for the executive test fleet, and will likely include the cars we'll be driving at the media launch.Sun worshippers, meanwhile, would seem to have a longer wait.
It isn't clear what changes lie beneath the new skin, either in terms of mechanicals or interior refinement, but we suspect Ford will be looking to put some distance between the next generation model and the new Escape, which is suddenly much more car-like and not that far off the more expensive Edge in terms of overall size, power or refinement.UPDATE: Substituted clearer image - thanks, Sean!

Job one on the droptop supposedly isn't slated to start until September 14, with production models starting on October 27. As is the case with the hardtop, these final pre-pros are for the execs and media to test, while actual dealer orders will come from vehicles made after the October date.After speaking to Ford, though, we wouldn't put a great deal of stock in those dates as reported.

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