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The transmission codes can be located on the safety compliance certification label on the drivers door post.
The converter relief valve has been moved from the pump to assembly reactor support to the timing valve body, thereby causing the oil pump assemblies not to be interchangeable.
The A4LD was the first Ford transmission to use an EEC-controlled torque converter lock-up clutch and later became the first to use electronic shift control (via a 3-4 shift solenoid). The A4LD was derived from the C-3 three-speed automatic transmission by placing a two-speed overdrive unit in front of the original three-speed workings.

If you have repeated front seal blowouts on A4LD's it may not be a problem with the seal or the quality of your work. The French-built A4LD was created by adding overdrive to the front of the C-3 three-speed unit. Located between the flywheel and the crank-shaft, the pilot on the front of the converter is centered on the hole in the sleeve. If the Torque converter is contacting one side of the bushing excessively, the bushing is off center and the bellhousing MUST be replaced.

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