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Ford Mustang Accessories - Ford Mustang Parts - Ford Mustang Performance - Supporting Vendors! One question people ask me time and time again is ?What makes a Saleen, a Saleen?? How do you tell a real Saleen from a fake Saleen or Faleen?
Dash Plaque: All Saleen's have a dash plaque with its Saleen Serial number on the center console. Under-hood Plate: Saleens also have a metal plate under the hood with the Saleen serial number, and the date of production riveted under the hood.

Genuine Parts: Saleen body panels for this model year consist of a vented front facia, vented rear facia, 2 side rail covers (side effects) and 2 door filler panels. Decals, emblems, badges: All Saleen Mustangs, without exception, feature a Saleen windshield banner.
Standard equipment: Saleens of any year model will have equipment and upgrades which are exclusive to Saleen. Saleens of any year model will also have some standard equipment which is very rare and difficult (although not impossible) to find on the aftermarket.

This plague should match the number of the bumper and the number on the plate under the hood. I've seen clone Saleen's entered in car shows under Saleen category - I've heard of them actually winning before as well.

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