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The Vehicle Importers Association of Lanka (VIAL) and Sri Lanka Customs held a press conference at Customs House to announce the part implementation of a standardised vehicle valuation system online for imported brand new and reconditioned vehicles. The system is set to make the process of valuing, clearing and taxation easier and streamlined for the country’s large vehicle importer community and Customs and will also prevent undervaluation of imported vehicles and other import scams. The new valuations can be viewed on both the VIAL and Customs’ websites where in due course, other models will also be added into the list in the near future. This is part of Sri Lanka Customs’ e-Customs initiative that looks to convert their entire system to a computerised, paperless system.
Elaborating on the new system to the Daily FT, Sri Lanka Customs Additional Director General Revenue and Services M. Puviharan added that the base values were arrived at using a list of values that VIAL forwarded and which was accordingly studied by a Customs subcommittee which approved the new valuations.

It was stated that this move would not affect an increase in vehicle prices overall but according to VIAL Co-President K.
Director General of Sri Lanka Customs Jagath Wijeweera stated that the most important aspect of this new system would be the maintenance of transparency within the department and to avoid the public criticism that the department has had to face in the past. The strategic intent of the League of Nations (in 1920) was to prevent a Second World War, which it couldn’t do, leading to it being replaced by the UN in 1945. RAGE AGAINST THE DYING OF THE LIGHT – The debacle in the House last Friday pales in comparison with the desolation suffered (and still being experienced) by a lost generation of Sri Lankans today. The system will include a depreciation-based ageing system that calculates the value of each individual vehicle based on the year of make, the age of the vehicle and hence the value will reduce accordingly on a six-month basis. Deekiriwewa, there may be a benefit to the end consumer, but it would be at the vehicle importers’ discretion alone whether this benefit is passed on.

So we have accordingly prepared a total of 148 models and accordingly we have fixed the value. The values that we have decided are based on the FOB value for which we add the insurance and freight costs and then arrive at the final valuation and duty and taxes will be calculated based on these figures.
China in particular has shown a strong interest in deepening its ties with the strategically placed Indian Ocean island. Late last year, the country’s top port operator and an engineering group announced that they would would invest $601 million in a container terminal at Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port.That port, which opened in November 2010, is set to be Sri Lanka’s largest port and will provide access to traffic on one of the world’s busiest east-west shipping lanes once construction is completed.

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