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Mazda and Toyota have reached an agreement for to supply Mazda with the hybrid technology that is used in the Toyota Prius. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) have reached an agreement on the supply under license of hybrid technology used in the Toyota Prius.
Leveraging this agreement, Mazda plans to combine the hybrid system with its next-generation SKY* engine that is currently under development, and develop and manufacture a hybrid vehicle in Japan. Positioning response to environmental issues as a management priority, TMC began sales of the Prius, the world's first mass-production hybrid vehicle, in 1997.
TMC recognizes the importance of benefiting the environment by encouraging the popularization of its eco-friendly technologies, which are represented by its hybrid systems. Based on its long-term vision for technology development, Sustainable Zoom-Zoom, Mazda aims to increase the average fuel economy of Mazda vehicles sold globally 30 percent by 2015, compared to its 2008 level.
Through this partnership, each company intends to offer technologies and products with outstanding environmental benefits to as many people as possible. The previous post in this blog was Chrysler to Push up Introduction of 2011 Chrysler 300 to end of 2010. It is made in Thailand, has a bold Fiat badge on the snout and rear, but underneath it’s actually a (next-generation) Mitsubishi Triton. While we didn’t sample the off-road prowess of the Fiat Fullback in Italy, the specification document and marketing material suggest it has the basics properly covered. TomTom Work is busy at work and they just unveiled a new GPS navigation system for trucks called TomTom GO 7000 Truck.
TomTom GO 7000 Truck includes Map share technology that lets the pros make some corrections on those roads they so well.
TomTom GO 7000 Truck is ready for professional business of course since when used with LINK 300 and a subscription to WEBFLEET it can record business mileage, report back, and receiver new destinations. La verdad que los gps para camiones puede ser algo novedoso pero he tenido mala experiencia con los tomtom y actualmente estoy usando l marca garmin ademas que he leido queha sacado su propio gps de esta linea y tiene unas cuantas funciones que se encuentran separados en otros como el bluetooth, las advertencias de la via pendiente, curvas, estrechamiento de las vias y todo organizado en un codigo de colores. Yahoo!AT last Tom tom launched Truck version out.We Truck drivers waiting that long for that. Contractors allegedly sold the Army and Marine Corps thousands of ballistic helmets made by inmates containing numerous defects.

A pilot had just completed an exercise with a military weapons school at Nellis AFB when he ejected as the plane went down.
The schools are good and the neighborhood is safe -- after all, it's on one of the largest military installations in the world. Commissaries could increase prices on some items while also lowering them on others as early as November, officials announced.
Russians gathered for a reunion to mark the 25th anniversary of a coup attempt which heralded the demise of the Soviet Union. The Army surgeon general declined to endorse the first-ever, government-backed trials for the use of marijuana in treating PTSD.
The mission to recover the El Faro's voyage data recorder will be undertaken this week when a remotely operated underwater vehicle will try to retrieve the device from the ship's wreckage, resting 3 miles below the surface of the ocean near the Bahamas. Recovery of the data recorder from the sunken cargo vessel will be closely watched here in Maine because several El Faro crew members, including its captain, either lived in Maine or had ties to Maine Maritime Academy in Castine.
The voyage data recorder should contain valuable navigational data and the final 12 hours of audio from the El Faro's bridge, information that could bring victims' families and investigators a sense of closure about what happened that day. Data stored on the device should still be intact as it was designed to withstand the pressure of being submerged under as much as 20,000 feet of water. The crew of the Military Sealift Command's ocean tug USNS Apache left Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Friday and is expected to arrive Tuesday at the accident site, where it will begin recovery efforts using the CURV-21, a robotic vehicle designed to operate in deep ocean environments.
In the first search mission after the disaster, investigators located the ship and related debris field in November, but were unable to find the voyage data recorder. The estimated cost of this week's mission is $500,000, bringing the total cost of all three missions to $3 million, according to an NTSB news release. El Faro's captain, Michael Davidson, 53, lived in Windham, and was a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, as were crew members Michael Holland, 25, of Wilton and Danielle Randolph, 34, and Dylan Meklin, 23, both of Rockland.
A fifth crew member, Mitchell Kuflik, 26, of Brooklyn, New York, also was a graduate of MMA.
Though the Apache's primary mission this week will be to recover the voyage data recorder, the CURV-21 robot will also do additional wreckage documentation. Once the voyage data recorder has been recovered, the Apache will dock at Mayport, Florida.

The voyage data recorder will be taken to the NTSB laboratory, where the information will be downloaded and analyzed. Assisting in this week's recovery effort will be crews from the Coast Guard, Navy, and Phoenix International, a marine services contractor.
The maritime tragedy remains under investigation by the Coast Guard's Marine Board of Investigation. Since then, over 2.3 million TMC-produced hybrid vehicles have been delivered to customers in over 70 countries and regions. Accordingly, TMC has announced that it will consider requests from other companies to supply hybrid technology. In order to offer all of its customers driving pleasure as well as outstanding eco-friendly and safety performance, Mazda is implementing a Building Block Strategy. This model features the new iDrive system, LED tail lamps and an optional third row seat that gives the car a 7-passanger capacity.
South Africa will receive single- and double-cab models, 4x2 and 4x4, manual and automatic transmissions as well as a choice of either petrol or diesel powerplants. The device always takes into considerations the restrictions based on the dimensions and weight of your vehicle. Navy sailor has been sentenced to a year in prison for taking photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine. The board will convene a third hearing session once it has been determined whether there is any usable information on the voyage data recorder. Under this strategy, Mazda will enhance the core aspects of its vehicles - including engines, transmissions and weight reduction - and then progressively add electric devices such as idling stop, regenerative braking and hybrid systems. For the bakkie customisation aficionados there will be a complete range of Mopar accessories which will give your Fullback that hardcore look. We drove the petrol motor and despite being three-up with about 500kg of cargo in the load bay, performance was eager and willing.

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