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Controller is installed in the secure placed will be programmed* to identify valid RFID tags. In case of existing vehicle from the parking same as above process will execute and controller will update vacant number of parking on the LED screen.
Administrator is the person who has all the rights to get all kind of data, reports and transaction is occurred during a day, a month or at any given time.

It is advised that you cancel your registration before you cancel your insurance policy to avoid any suspensions or fees. With a little persuasion from the 18" pry bar and a smaller pry bar, we had the carrier out. In case of valid RFID tagged vehicle in range of RFID reader, controller will send signals to automatic gate to open and display the tag ownera€™s information on the LED screen along with available parking counts.

Horses, like humans, perform best in their natural habitats, with excellent nutrition and health care.

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