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We want to hear the larger public discussion by various stakeholders, community partners, law enforcement and the community at large on what they think of the bill before we comment on specifics of the bill. The letter, tailored to each community where the incident occurs, is sent to the driver of any stopped vehicle visiting area neighborhoods for solicitation. These communities have been victimized by sex trade activities and crack cocaine use in their neighbourhood, with crime (thefts), public nuisance, safety and security concerns.
What happens if the owner of the vehicle was not driving the car but their licence plate number was reported?
The letter is only sent to a sex trade consumer who has had direct contact with a police officer.
To maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the program, a letter will not be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle due to the fact that we are unable to identify whether the owner of the car was in fact the sex trade consumer. The letter is addressed to the individual that was stopped, regardless if they own the car they were driving at the time. The Ottawa Police Service consulted and worked with the Ontario Privacy Commissioners Office to ensure the letter was as privacy protected as possible.
The Ottawa Police Service has shared information about the program with the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. The program is primarily driven in the communities affected most by the sex trade industry.

In addition to this, Ottawa Police Service statistics on the sex trade are driven by routine sweeps of prostitution in our city.
The Rhode Island DMV bill of sale form may be used to transfer the ownership of a vehicle through a private sale from one party, the seller, to another, the purchaser. Our initial review indicates that there are measures in the new legislation that would provide some of the tools being sought by police. Consequently, the Ottawa Police Service has dedicated both resources and strategies to deal with these concerns.
We believe that it will also be an effective educational tool to raise awareness about the sex trade and crack cocaine use impact on our communities. A letter is only sent to a sex trade consumer that has had direct contact with a police officer. The courier company has been instructed to only deliver the envelope to the individual on the envelope. The purpose is to educate sex trade consumers and explain the negative impact that Johns have on communities affected by the sex trade. Through this consultation, the Ottawa Police Service will ensure that any concerns raised about privacy are appropriately considered and addressed. Neighbourhood Officers spend time organizing and conducting John Sweeps in order to combat the sex trade on a regular basis.

If the program has an impact on the sex trade then it should have an impact on crack cocaine use. Both parties should present identification and sign the bill of sale on the date the parties will trade with one another.
In the event that a licence plate number is reported, Police will use this information to identify potential sex trade consumers. They may not be aware of the communitya€™s concerns and the letter makes them alert to these issues.
The Ottawa Police Service conducts John and Jane Sweeps, in addition to John School and now, the a€?Community Safety Lettera€?. Upon the parties authorizing the document, it becomes legally binding and the sale is considered complete and final.

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