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Rockstar Games took the press by storm last week by releasing three sets of screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5, a game currently under heavy wraps. If we're to assume correctly, the protagonist is being pursued by a group of armed police in helicopters and cruisers.
A police sniper can be seen perched on the doorway of the helicopter, so the chase is likely to be a three-star incident if it is indeed a gameplay screenshot.
The airplane could be briefly seen in the first release video of the game, flying over a group of plantation workers as it sprays pesticide over the field, causing them to cough. We can see what looks like a character hijacking a car-transport truck in this screenshot while being pursued by cops. As you can see, the Cheetah has a San Andreas license plate which looks pretty similar to the license plates in California. Here's a nice, Miranda-ish buttshot of a character riding down what looks like the Santa Monica pier (or Santa Maria, in GTA) on his BMX-ish bicycle in bike pants. When we raise both the contrast and brightness of this screenshot, we can see what looks like the game's original protagonist (as opposed to the new one showcased in the previous screenshots) as seen in the trailer. So here's two characters who are partaking in what appear to be partaking in a dirt-bike trials race.

As we all know, the Grand Theft Auto titles are packed full of minigames—although previous titles were limited to relatively simple stuff like bowling and darts.
A longer wheelbase, 4-door version of the Rancher which the FBI use to persue you when you get a 5-Star Wanted Level. Takumi (400)2010-10-02 18:06My favorite car in SA, i want this in the next GTA with a civil version. Black Bart (84)2010-10-02 18:26Only if this car was in GTA IV, but I do accept the Charger. Maltravers (8)2012-06-17 16:38'1992 Chevrolet Suburban K2500 (4WD in game and it has a 3500kg (not 2500kg) weight). PC players who want to play GTA Online can try GTA IV’s multiplayer mod when the public alpha launches today. Little had been revealed about the game since the studio released a trailer late last year, with the company remaining relatively quiet on its development and focusing most, if not all of its marketing efforts towards Max Payne 3. Interestingly, if we raise the contrast on this screenshot we can see what appears to be the driver—who looks nothing at all like the old white guy presumed to be the protagonist of GTA 5 in the original trailer. The screenshot appears to be taken at an angle, but it gives us the impression that the person taking shots at the police helicopter is the protagonist—a balding dude with a laser-sighted AK47.

Perhaps the outfits you don in GTA 5 will correspond to the activity, much like the previous bicycle screenshot.
Based on this screenshot, we can assume that GTA 5 will be seeing the much larger addition of tennis this time around. There is a mod for GTA: San Andreas as well, but it is currently unknown how many players are actively on its servers. It also has every vehicle model from the base game and it can spawn 10,000 vehicles at once.
It was also confirmed that you will not be able to use Rockstar Social Club or Windows Live services.

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