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This MAZ-79092 brochure was from the transition period of the early 1990s, showing a military design repurposed for civilian use in 1992.  It prominently features the Volat name but does not yet refer to MZKT. The suspension system was interesting as well, with independent suspension on the four front wheels and solid axles with leaf springs on the four rear wheels that carried most of the weight of the cargo. I like it though other than off highway logging operations I cant see a local use for one, too wide for regular roads and too heavy laden for our axle loading laws I’m not holding my breath to see one live. You are right about these machines being too heavy and technically complicated to have much civilian use.
I think the go-to vehicles for gas exploration tend to be smaller, cheaper rigs such as the Ural 6×6, as well as tracked MT-LB.
Good point – Russian conditions, especially mud during spring thaws, are far more difficult than what will normally be encountered in the US or Western Europe. One area of automotive design where the Soviets really nailed it was their military trucks. I have briefly passed through your hometown of Novosibirsk, although I saw it only through the windows of a train during a trip from Moscow to Irkutsk on the Trans-Siberian. I see that you have a Zaporozhets as your thumbnail photo, and I believe that you have commented in the past on your family’s ownership of a ZAZ-968.

Yes my parents went to college at NGU, both got their PhDs (dad in high energy physics, mom in genetics). I have seen your previous comments about your family’s Zaporozhets, including the spare parts and exhaust pipe story.
I may be interested in scans of the ZAZ-966 owners manual diagrams of the various variants of controls for different levels of missing limbs. What I think had more to do with it was that certain projects deemed high priority became subject to huge amounts of political and personal pressure. Once you start trying to move heavy things about off road its easier to make them selfpropelled than trying to carry them.
You know what they say, it’s easier for a horse to pull a heavy load than to carry it. Thats a road train the biggest one used on roads was 7 side tipping trailers, we are not permitted in NZ to tow more than 2 trailers there are many pieces of road you cannot remain on your side of the road towing more the corners are too tight.
I can just picture Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase in front of that big green one with the nuke.
Never seen these trucks personally; analogous KAMAZ 8x8s are quite common here in Russia, though.

Used to see the some of these, however (photo) – both in military and civilian disguise. For all electronic control units reading identification data, software versions, hardware version and user information fields. For all electronic control units read and clear error (DTCs) memories - standard, shadow, history memory. It wasn’t uncommon for a piece of hardware to nominally enter service in a fairly crude and barely workable form, followed months later by a heavily revised version that became the definitive production model. A very different approach to a heavy hauler which makes sense given the rugged terrain requirements and military heritage. I’d love to have a drive of one of these but NZs export deals with Russia only resulted in us getting Ladas and Belarus tractors nothing on this scale. On the other hand, some kludges remained in service for decades, at least until the military’s frustration with the maintenance requirements or design quirks filtered up through the ranks.

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