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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and CRM software can help you increase sales by streamlining communications with your potential and current customers.
A critical feature of any CRM system is to track communications with customers, plan follow-up contacts, update the lead status, and after gaining a customer, schedule future communication that will help you keep them as a customer. The CRM template provides a starting point for people looking for an Excel-based CRM solution. In it's current form, this template is just a table formatted to allow sorting, filtering, and display of important customer information - a fancier version of the Contact List Template. The most complex part of the spreadsheet has to do with the conditional formatting used to highlight the dates in the Last Contact and Next Contact columns. I personally do not use CRM software, so future updates and versions of this template will be based on the feedback and requests that I get from users.
Sorting and Filtering: This template is designed around Excel's built-in Sorting and Filtering features. Demographics - For any contact, you'll want to record their name, company, job title or position, email, phone #, etc. Estimated Sale - For active customers, this might be the average monthly or annual sales figure - something to help you easily see the value of keeping that customer.
Next Contact - Planning follow-up communication is important, so use this column to record the date for the next contact and use the Next Action column to enter a code that describes what your follow-up action will be. Notes - There are many ways that you can record notes about communications with your leads.
Sales Log - If you want to create monthly or quarterly or annual sales reports, you'll need a way to record individual sales. If this is not completed within these given time frames we keep the $500 deposit and the car is relisted. We welcome international bidders, but PLEASE be certain that you pre-arrange shipping and that you can send the U.S. Customers with zero or negative feedback on eBay Motors please contact us prior to bidding. Winning bidder must contact Rides Auto Sales within 24 hours of the auction close and the purchase transaction completed within 48 hours.
If you have ZERO feedback on eBay, please call or email us to request our authority to bid on our vehicles.
If you would like to make a sales visit or arrange an inspection, we would be happy to schedule a personal appointment with either yourself or your representative. Hot Rod magazine named RK Motors Charlotte the #1 destination out of 57 possible places to visit across the United States. Check out the feedback on our website from other customers who have purchased cars from us in the past. Every car that you see for sale is in our physical possession and located at our main facility, 5527 Lakeview Road, Charlotte, NC 28269. Under our innovative Seal of Approval Exit Service buying program, RK Motors Charlotte customers who pay full retail price for a vehicle, receive a comprehensive, multi-point vehicle Exit Service, carried out by our experienced ASE Certified Master Mechanics at the RKM Performance Center. Customers who purchase cars from RK Motors for less than full retail price, or customers who purchase a car and are trading in a vehicle, will receive our Basic Safety Check, performed by our certified and experienced ASE mechanics, prior to delivery of their car.
For international buyers, please note that we've shipped cars to collectors and classic car fans worldwide for years. Regardless if your vehicle is going through our Seal of Approval Exit Service, Basic Safety Check, routine maintenance or a full custom built to your exact specifications, the RKM Performance Center has the knowledge, experience and resources to fulfill your automotive needs. In the world of electronic fuel injection and computer diagnostics, even late model dealerships look a little uncomfortable working on pre-OBD1 cars.
Being proud members of SEMA, ARMO, HRIA and the North Carolina Motorsports Association, the RKM Performance Center is a nationally recognized shop; best known for high level OEM restorations and custom builds. Comprised of ASE certified mechanics, including several Master Technicians, you can feel confident that your car is in capable hands. I'd like to receive useful tips, tools and resources via email from Kelley Blue Book and affiliates. Introduced last year at the Paris Motor Show as a 3-door hatchback, the Toyota C-HR concept returned to the Frankfurt show this year with two extra doors and a promise that the next time the vehicle it is shown, it will be in production trim.
The 5-door C-HR Concept is said to embody a diamond styling theme because the lower body beneath the greenhouse has faceted surfaces similar to a precision-cut gemstone. The  C-HR's profile is dominated by a floating roof design created by a C-pillar treatment that's divided between the lower body and its gloss-black top panel. Although Toyota didn't provide the specifics of the hybrid system, it did say the C-HR will incorporate Toyota's next-generation hybrid powertrain that will include state-of-the-art battery technology with great power density as well as an internal combustion engine boasting 40 percent more thermal efficiency.
By basing the Toyota C-HR production vehicle on the Toyota New Generation Architecture, the resulting vehicle will have a stiffer chassis, lower center of gravity and will boast an independent suspension with greater ride comfort.
Without looking under the hood or at a vehicle history report, one of the easiest way to tell if a car has had body work done is to check the location and placement of the exterior badges.
You know an automaker is confident about the safety of its vehicles when it asks one of the top crash test agencies to destroy one of its newest models. When we heard that the 2014 Honda Odyssey would be getting the world's first in-car vacuum, we had to check this thing out for ourselves. Here in New York, Honda is offering up a refreshed version of its well-liked Odyssey minivan, bringing with it a slew of updates including the segment's first in-car vacuum.
Much of the minivan segment's volume has been sucked up by the industry's ever-increasing appetite for crossovers, but a few major players are hanging in there, eager to serve as beasts of burden for America's families. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.

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Online CRM software can help you integrate revenue tracking, sales, and email into an all-in-one system. I'm a fan of conditional formatting, but if you don't like it or want to change the colors, see Excel's help system (F1) for how to clear or change conditional formats. Information that may be nice to know what not necessary to refer to on a day-to-day basis could be saved in the optional ContactDetails worksheet (which is just the contact list added to this workbook). For potential customers, this could be your estimate of the customer's potential monthly or annual sales. The highlighting will make the cell green if the contact was recent, pink if it has been a long time since that last contact, or yellow for somewhere in between. But this 1968 Ford Mustang, with its massaged Ford small block and solid Shelby-styling, is definitely one of the coolest!
Destinations selected included car museums, driving schools, dragstrips, best drives and more. We pride ourselves on describing our cars accurately, and our cars even look better in person than in the pictures!
If you have any questions regarding our service programs, please contact a member of our sales team at (704)413-4665. We can provide you with a firm quote for transport to any shipping port in the world in a sealed container and handle the process for you from start to finish. There are many independent mechanics and shops that may be able to help, but putting your prized classic in the hands of a stranger is a leap of faith at best. As fellow enthusiasts, they are passionate about cars and will treat yours with the respect it deserves. That diamond theme is repeated in the lower grille work and on the expressive 21-inch alloy wheel design.
The rear has a tapering hatch that sits above a bold fascia incorporating a pronounced diffuser, integrated fog lamps, hatch-mounted spoiler and floating rear light clusters. Toyota also promised that the new hybrid setup will be more compact, lighter in weight and more efficient as well as being more refined, easier and more intuitive to drive. In sharing the architecture with other vehicles like the Prius, Toyota said the resources required for developing the car will be reduced by 20 percent or more.
A crooked, misplaced or missing badge can be a telltale sign that there has been some sort of body or paint work.
While the Japanese brand hasn't started bragging about attaining the first Top Safety Pick+ for minivans, it's all too happy to brag about another first - the world's first van with a built-in vacuum cleaner. Called HondaVAC, this tidy little sucker was co-developed with Shop-Vac, and it's actually pretty neat. It looks to be a neat little feature, one that families will no doubt get a lot of use out of. Chief among those players is Honda, which is showing its revamped 2014 Odyssey at this week's New York Auto Show with a potential game-changing feature – an in-car vacuum.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
If you don't need that type of integration and are just looking for a simple (and free) way to keep track of leads, then you can try using an Excel template.
You can use a Notes column with Wrap Text turned on (though for long notes, that will make the table messy). You could then add a Pivot Table to summarize the data, or create your own Excel dashboard to display important summary data. We have a vehicle lift and plenty of adequate light for any type of inspection and we want you to be happy with your purchase! Fully sorted and ready to hit the road, this awesome classic combines the stump-pulling power of Dearborn's best muscle cars with vintage Detroit style that's classy enough to lead a parade. For those of you who need to fly in, we can provide transportation to and from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.
Based on the same Toyota New Generation Architecture that underpins the recently unveiled Prius, the C-HR is a subcompact crossover SUV designed to compete with the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3 but with a difference by introducing hybrid technology to the segment. Above that lower intake, the face of the vehicle has a new wing-like grille opening with the floating Toyota logo, a look that is repeated on the Prius.
Although similar in appearance to its 3-door predecessor, the newest C-HR iteration seamlessly blends the rear portals into the body, hiding the door handles in the break between the body side and the floating roof. According to Hiroyuki Koba, deputy chief engineer in charge of the project, the C-HR will off all-wheel drive as an option. We'll see how much of this concept car flavor carries over into the production model next spring in Geneva.
For this reason, Honda is suggesting that some owners of the 2013 Odyssey take their vans into the dealership for a little rebadging.
According the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Honda requested that the agency run the updated Odyssey through its full barrage of tests, and for good reason. That price marks a $150 increase over the 2013 model, but that extra Benjamin and a half buys you a whole slate of updates. It comes standard on Odyssey's top-trim Touring Elite model and can be fitted with a wide range of attachments all housed in the cargo area. You can also use the optional ContactLog worksheet, to record notes about each individual communication.

Deposit: Rides Auto Sales requires a $500 (non refundable) deposit within 24 hours of winning the auction. And today, thanks to meticulous restoration, not only is it a reliable and exceptionally comfy place to spend a sightseeing summer, it's also an authentic piece of Americana that'll be welcomed at virtually any car show in any town. Winning this auction does not entitle you to come inspect the car and decide if you want to buy it, but obligates you to complete the purchase! Because we advertise heavily in other mediums, we reserve the right to cancel any eBay listing at any time. He stressed that in developing the C-HR, he focused on "styling and driving." He added that in addition to being the first hybrid in segment, the goal is to produce a crossover SUV with sporty handling with a distinctive look. There's currently speculation that the Toyota C-HR may be marketed here in America wearing a Scion badge.
Those include a new six-speed automatic transmission in all trims, revised exterior styling and a few tweaks to the instrument cluster and dash controls. It may not be everything you want it to be, but it might give you a head start on customizing your own solution or help you decide whether a spreadsheet-based solution is right for you. If you're looking for a cool muscle car that's as alluring as it is powerful, who says you need a high maintenance original?
The doors are set up on poppers that work with NO issues and the panel gaps line up VERY well!
Each and every one of our employees is an absolute car nut- we do this because we love cars! All sales that are funded in any other way, shape or form NEED to be approved by Rides (you MUST call). Not surprisingly, that solid profile was covered in durable 2-stage paint, which, thanks to meticulous polishing, reflects vivid red pigment. And today, this Ford rolls as one very well done resto-mod that's right at home reflecting a summertime car show!Back in the day, Dearborn designers made sure every year of the first generation Mustang had plenty of visual sizzle. And in the 21st century, it doesn't get much better than this Ford's racy combination clean factory accents and Shelby-inspired trim. At the front of the car, stainless-lined mesh hangs a red-detailed Cobra between modern headlights, a bright chrome bumper and bullet-style parking lamps.
At the top of that grille, a familiar "S H E L B Y" script leads the eye to an aggressive fiberglass hood, which founds small locks in front of mirrored stainless, satin wipers and like-new glass that's capped in fresh canvas. At the sides of that glass, a simple profile hangs Shelby-style scoops and subtle fender extensions around traditional door handles and correct mirrors. And at the back of that profile, a second chrome bumper reflects Shelby taillights, a Shelby-detailed fuel filler and a "S H E L B Y" branded decklid.ENGINE'Keep it simple' is a good philosophy when it comes to performance and reliability. And the builders of this top-notch Mustang did exactly that by making excellent use of Ford's familiar High Performance 289. Fully rebuilt and bored .030 over, the mill begins with a slim, "COBRA" branded air cleaner, which feeds oxygen in to a coated Edelbrock Magneti Marelli 4-barrel. Below that carb, a lightweight aluminum intake rides between Pro Comp heads, which prop a slick Ford Racing breather on clean, Cobra-branded valve covers. At the front of those heads, a Pertronix Flame-Thrower distributor sequences spark through loomed Pertronix wires, which snake around short Hedman Hedders.
In front of those wires, new V-belts spin an aluminum water pump between braided fuel lines, a trick dipstick, a chrome fuel pump and a Pertronix Flame-Thrower II coil. And in front of those belts, a shrouded pulley fan cools a modern aluminum radiator that's finished with a Mr. Aesthetically, the Ford Blue small block rides in a completely restored engine bay that's dressed in prototypical Satin Black. And nice pieces like pliable Shelby hoses and a sturdy brace bar provide the perfect amount of visual would an excellent restoration be without a great foundation? Take a look under this Mustang and you'll find solid floors that are highlighted by satin paint, rugged undercoating and choice performance hardware. That glossy axle rolls on a TCI 4-link rear-clip, which backs a sturdy sway bar with modern coil-over-shocks.
Speaking of modern, an upgraded front-clip centers modern rack-and-pinion steering under a second sturdy sway bar.
Step on the throttle and a fresh stainless fuel tank supplies gas while a custom exhaust system, complete with aggressive Flowmaster mufflers, supplies the soundtrack.
And everything under this Ford, from its Ford Blue oil pan to its polished canister fuel filter, is fully sorted and ready to go!INTERIORSwing the car's doors and you'll find a fully restored cockpit that's been updated with just the right amount of comfort and convenience.
Front and center, TMI-covered seats stretch a cool combination of leather and suede under bright red stitching. New carpet seats a leather-booted Hurst shifter between stainless-trimmed foot pedals and color-keyed Carroll Shelby floor mats. And behind the passengers, a carpeted trunk hides plenty of sunny day space.When it comes to maximizing the amount of metal your money buys, you simply can't go wrong with a purpose-built pony car. Thanks to its thorough restoration, this legendary Ford is a great driving piece that's fun, historic AND reliable.
If you're looking for a stylish classic that commands respect on both the boulevard and the show field, this red-hot Mustang is just your style!

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