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To check the condition of your car so you can budget for any work that needs doing on your vehicle. With our free vehicle health check we will give your SEAT a full visual safety check covering engine components, tyres, brakes, the exterior, steering, electrics and suspension.
At West Silloth Motors we want to do everything possible to keep your vehicle on the road and reduce downtime.
West Silloth Motors are now offering a FREE Diagnostic Vehicle Health Check printout with every service! Here at West Silloth Motors we have the latest diagnostic equipment from Hella Gutmann, the world leader in vehicle data and diagnostic equipment, which is the experts’ choice and is perfectly aligned to the needs of the modern car workshop. To identify issues with your vehicle – you don’t have to go to a dealership to find out what’s wrong. Sensors in your vehicle continually report to the ECU (Engine Control Unit) on how they are performing.
If you think your vehicle is not running as well as it should be our experienced technicians can carry out a free 28-point visual health check of your vehicle. A VHC is the visual inspection of tyres, brakes , exhaust, steering, wipers and exterior lights alongside a check on the key fluids. Our technicians will provide you with an easy to read report of the inspection, identifying any items checked that require either immediate or future attention.

AMBER  This requires attention,  not absolutely essential straight away but before your next annual service. RED        This requires immediate attention and recommend repair or replacement as a matter of urgency.
We are believed to be the UK's oldest independent tyre retailer, having been in business since 1910. Our Free Vehicle Health Check is a comprehensive inspection of your car on a regular basis. With every service carried out at Cavanaghs, our technicians undertake an extensive 40 point inspection using Netbooks checking an comprehensive list of features on your car.
Excellent all round service and customer focus which is why my wife and I have been dealing with Cavanaghs for many years.
As usual, was dealt with in a very professional manner from reception to service departments. The sales person was excellent explaining every detail about buying and caring for my vehicle. Service department explained things very well and were very helpful after and explained all parts of the bill.
Cavanaghs of Charleville Ltd is a credit intermediary regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

But for peace of mind, we recommend that you have your local dealer look at your SEAT in between services. If you have purchased a new SEAT from outside the SEAT network, or you are about to sell your SEAT, we can have a look at its condition and report back to you. The secret of our success is down to the care and attention we provide all of our customers, as well as our commitment to giving the most competitive prices, so contact us today!
This health check will inspect all the major systems in your car with a printed version for your own records showing you the level and condition of the main items including tyres, brakes, lights, engine & transmission fluids and also would include any software updates on your vehicle. At the end, you will be presented with a printed report showing items that are green (fine), amber (may need attention) or red (requiring urgent attention).
The finance calculator is intended to provide indicative repayments and may vary from the actual current rate.
A diagnostic code reader has to be used to read the fault or message and to clear any fault codes from the memory. Please use the "Apply Now" button to request an actual finance quote using current market rates.

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