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So we thought we’d list here three more elements you might want to keep a close eye on next time you’re on the market for the classic car of your dreams. You should also check that no humidity is present inside the lenses, and that none of them is moving. The suspension system is often overlooked because it hides below the hood and its health is harder to check. It might be hiding very well, but a relatively unknown part which lies below a front-wheel-drive car is worthy of sliding underneath for a check.
Magazine advertising looks increasingly quaint these days in the ever-more-flashy world of social, mobile, TV and cinema. Hit the front end of the Peugot on the opening page, and an actual airbag inflates on the spread inside.
QR codes got dictators talking in a recent print ads from the free-press advocacy group Reporters Without Borders. Follow the instructions on this ad, and you can use the flimsy piece of paper to open a bottle of Carlsberg. Volkswagen cooked up a lovely little ad you can eat, and placed it in Auto Trader magazine.

Just what you need—a suntan-lotion ad that comes with a handy way to completely cook your face off. A fertility clinic in Australia placed an ad in FHM that caused the magazine's pages to stick together. AdFreak is a daily blog of the best and worst of creativity in advertising, media, marketing and design.
As such, they are often the only ones that get some real attention when a vintage car changes ownership. You can never be certain all lights are working if you’re alone while checking, so the safest way is asking a friend to have a look while you test the brakes and rear lights. Some easy-to-apply spray adhesive is all you need if the lens is shaky, but it might be more annoying to find out a light is not working or a lense is chipped if the make of your vintage car is a rare one. To have a better idea of how the suspension system works as a whole, we suggest you do a lot as much previous research as possible on technical websites.
For an idea of what they look like, you can find a few versions on the dedicated Wikipedia page.
You could test three different features of the vehicle—lane assist, adaptive lights and cruise control.

Follow us as we celebrate (and skewer) the latest, greatest, quirkiest and freakiest commercials, promos, trailers, posters, billboards, logos and package designs around. We do recommend you check the state of all these elements, yet a car is made of many more parts which possibly deserve just as much attention. A pretty immediate way to test the state of suspension is by pushing down every corner of the car and seeing how it bounces back up. This will eventually help you get a better idea of how vital the suspension system is to a used car which has already travelled far and wide.
Ordering a new pair and having a mechanic fit it will cost you around ?200, so always take a look at them before actually buying a vintage car.

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