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Despite the choppy ride and high pricing, the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is versatile, well-finished and drives well.
What is it?This is the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer, the seven-seat Ford S-Max-rivalling MPV, with a new 1.6-litre diesel engine. It’s the first model in Vauxhall’s line-up to receive the new all-aluminium diesel engine, as part of a major powertrain development programme which will see 80 per cent of the engine range renewed by 2016. The new engine produces a useful 134bhp and 236lb ft and is claimed to be capable of averaging 68.9mpg, impressive given the Zafira Tourer’s dimensions and 1626kg kerb weight. The engine features ‘sound engineering’ measures, including multiple injection cycles designed to smooth the combustion process and reduce the stereotypical diesel clatter, acoustic shielding and quiet scissor gear drives for the engine’s timing systems.
Vauxhall has also revised its six-speed manual gearbox, with new internals and gearchange mechanisms. What's it like?The Zafira Tourer's new engine is a remarkably smooth and quiet affair, despite its modest displacement and - for its size - relatively high output.
Its power delivery is linear, despite a quoted peak torque of 2000-2250rpm, and even in top gear it will - admittedly slowly - accelerate without bucking or hesitation. Drop in to a more appropriate gear and it transpires to be suitably willing and eager up to around 4000rpm, and capable of propelling the Zafira Tourer along with ease. Even at higher engine speeds it remains free from the typical diesel harshness that you might expect, although it does predictably become louder - but not to an intrusive extent. It's still not as quiet under load as equivalent petrol units, but its degree of refinement and flexibility is impressive nonetheless. Acceleration could hardly be described as rapid, but the Zafira Tourer will get from 0-62mph in an acceptable 11.2sec. The six-speed transmission benefits from well-spaced ratios and a long-legged top gear, but its action is slightly balky and hampered by an ungainly gearlever. On the road the Tourer delivers a pliant ride, with its suspension dispatching potholes and ruts in a quiet and controlled fashion.
The Vauxhall's steering is fairly precise and quick to act, with a modicum of feel, but it's not as consistently weighted or as confidence-inspiring as that found in a Ford S-Max. During our test we averaged 42mpg, more than acceptable the nature of the test routes and what you'd expect in the real world from a modern 1.6-litre diesel. Inside it's standard Vauxhall fare throughout, with myriad storage points, a steering column that adjusts for rise and reach, adequately bolstered and supportive seats, flexible seating arrangements and a large boot.

Standard equipment levels are high, with even entry-level models featuring air-con, an aux-in connection, a digital radio, cruise control, and electric heated door mirrors.
Other features in the Vauxhall, such as the optional front camera system which adds collision alert, lane departure and traffic sign recognition, all function unobtrusively and are easy to use.
Nevertheless, the overall impression of the Vauxhall is of a well considered and well-executed product. Should I buy one?Many may hesitate at the thought of buying something as substantial as a Vauxhall Zafira Tourer with a comparatively small engine, but the 1.6-litre diesel is more than up to the task.
These are impressive figures, even the GM haters on this Forumn will have trouble arguing against them, I'm sure they're try though! You can say what you like about Vauxhall's being boring,but a friend of mine has a ten year old diesel Astra with 190K on the clock that refuses to die.Within 2 weeks of getting my Mercedes,it arrived at the dealership via a recovery truck! Maybe GM should have plonked this engine into the lighter Astra first, where it could give the Golf 2.0 and Focus 2.0 engines a bit of competition? If this engine is capable in a Zafira it should be very good in the Insignia, especially with the forthcoming facelift ,and excellent in an Astra.
Great to learn Vauxhall have finally an engine to compete with modern opposition - the gear knob is uncomfortable? And just for your info, neither Vag or Gm are making tdi, they are all common rail cdti units now.
There is nothing low rent about this car, Its in my opinion that Gm is trying to use Chevrolet to be the Mr Average car like vauxhall used to be and is aligning the brand for the up market segment. Grand touring version of McLaren's mightily impressive 570S Sports Series model lives up to high expectations on UK roads.
Combining dramatic looks and personality with the versatility of a seven-seat people carrier, a used Vauxhall Zafira Tourer is perfect for a large family. Images and colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and may show optional equipment. It's not as muscular as the equivalent 2.0-litre perhaps, but it doesn't leave you wanting. Consequently it'd be a suitable option for those considering lots of motorway or cross-country driving, thanks to its refined manners. Not only does it feel uncomfortable to hold, but it has an awkward and unnatural-feeling action due to its angle and travel, both in the vertical and horizontal planes.

Smaller bumps can jar slightly, but it rarely becomes uncomfortable and there's minimal roll in corners. Fit for purpose is the key phrase here, and it can equally be applied to the Vauxhall's brakes - which pull it up with ease but could do with a little more initial bite and pedal feel.
It's likely that it wouldn't prove difficult to average around 50mpg in day-to-day use which, in conjunction with the Zafira Tourer's 58-litre fuel tank should ensure a range of around 640 miles - ideal for long-distance touring. There's room for three adults abreast in the second row of seats; even the usually awkward middle seat is comfortable. SE models, as tested, benefit further from kit including climate control, upgraded trim and an electric parking brake. Consequently those seeking a cosseting, enormously practical and efficient MPV should take a good look at the Vauxhall.
You have some valid points on pricing, I don't agree with you on the interior, it's of good quality and better materials than ford. A shorter, more precise throw with a slicker feel would be a significant improvement for later versions. A Renault Grand Scenic is better in terms of ride quality, but not as restrained around bends. The cabin is quiet too, which coupled with the good ride means the interior delivers a cosseting experience. Bluetooth, however, is disappointingly a cost option on most Zafira Tourer models - including the SE. I think comments like "but its a vauxhall" are re-hashed ignorant dribble that has passed the lips of clarkson, maybe a headline of bit expensive for a vauxhall perhaps. Will it be able to give the C-segment Astra class leading refinement, power and efficiency?

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