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In today's version of "So This Exists, I'm Not Sure Why This Surprises Me", is the corn cob t-shirt. Designed and created by The Mountain, a unique graphic t-shirt company, the corn on the cob t-shirt is just one of their many realistic food shirts, with others including a Mac 'N Cheese shirt, a Fried Egg shirt, an epic burger shirt, and more. The Corn on the Cob t-shirt is of course yellow in color, features a relaxed fit with reinforced stitching on all seams, is a medium weight 100% cotton t-shirt, and comes in a plethora of different sizes to fit all types of humans.
Odditymall features unique gifts with a focus on geeky gadgets, survival gear, outdoor gizmos, unique kitchenware, pet gadgets, novelty gifts, and amazing product designs. Similar to the magnetic knife holder stickers we posted a while back, this knife set holder is made from a large tree branch and uses magnets to allow you to hold your kitchen knives in a unique way. Created and sold by Buchholz Berlin, a Berlin based shop that specializes in unique wood based furniture and home accessories, the tree branch kitchen knife holder is just one of their many items made from wood. The tree branch knife holder comes in three different sizes, a small one that can hold 3 small knives, a medium sized branch that can hold 4 knives, and a large tree branch that can hold up to 5 knives or metal kitchen accessories.

Ok so there's already a hoodie that lets you carry your dog or cat like a kangaroo, as well as a vest that lets you carry your baby like it's some sort of demon child protruding through your abdomen, so it's only obvious that this shirt that lets you carry your child around like a kangaroo would exist as well. To use it simply pick up your baby, hold out the pouch located around your stomach area, and slip your baby inside. Not only does the shirt let you easily carry around your newborn without much effort from you, but it also works great as a nursing bra as it contains two fabric layers for extra coverage so you don't need to wear a separate bra.
The Lalabu Soothe baby carrying shirt is made in the USA from 55% polyester, 42% rayon, and 3% spandex, works as a stylish top even when not carrying around a newborn, and 2% of the sales of the shirt go to Moms in Africa in honor of the women who taught us to wrap babies. It's essentially a bright yellow shirt that has a graphic realistic photo of a giant corn cob on the front of it, thus making you yourself a giant corn cob. Mix your love for cooking and your love for nature all in one package, just make sure the tree branch is attached to your wall high enough so that the knives are out of reach of curious children.
Plus since each item is made from a different tree branch, each one will have its own unique look.

You'll then be able to carry your child just like a kangaroo would, except without all of the nasty goo inside of the pouch. The shirt comes in three different colors to choose from, along with a plethora of different sizes. The beautiful thing about is that it's so well blended together that you don't know where the corn cob print stops and the actual shirt begins.

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