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One Thing that we will focus on mainly is purchasing used vehicles, whether it’s a car or truck, motorcycle, ATV or RV and how to best protect yourself. There are a bunch of things that ought to be evaluated and checked on a used auto that you are considering purchasing.
Buying a pre-owned car or truck is no different whether you purchase from a private party or a used car dealership, except for the fact that you may pay more for a car from a dealership.
Used cars for sale by the private sector (for sale by owner) are very attractive to potential buyers because of the thought that the vehicle has been properly taken care of by the owner, and that they can get a real bargain if they buy it directly from the owner compared to the cars and trucks that are being sold by used car dealerships. One of the best things you can do to protect yourself from the above is to go online and search the vehicle online.
And finally, one thing you should do before purchasing the vehicle is ask if you can have the vehicle checked out by your mechanic.
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How To Decode a VIN  Prior to understanding how VIN decoding works, it is important to know what it is all about.
A new free VIN lookup service has been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and is made to help customers become aware of recalls and service issues on their vehicles.
The information contained in your vehicle identification number (VIN) goes far beyond the serial number for your automobile. Recently, the author of this website had a transmission problem with a major vehicle brand. NHTSA's announcement is made to help people who own cars, light trucks, and motorcycles about recalls, and this information is updated weekly by most manufacturers. Pretty much all the same things apply to all of the vehicles listed above when purchasing a used vehicle, while with RV’s there may be a few more things you need to check.
Used car dealers usually have one of their technicians use a used car checklist to inspect and check the cars that are bought at auction or traded in, and then determine if the cars can be sold on their lot or not. People that sell their car on their own do not have all of the costs that a dealership has. You need to be concerned with whether or not the odometer has been tampered with.  And with an private seller and a dealership you need to be concerned whether or not the vehicle has been in a bad accident or not. This will help alert you to possible odometer tampering, major accidents and if the vehicle is stolen or not. Hopefully you have a mechanic that you trust and will give the vehicle a good once over and warn you of any potential problems.

Recent news of an airbag recall involving primarily Toyota and Honda vehicles, as well as some GM and BMW cars, has gotten more people interested in learning whether their cars are subject to recalls.
VINs contain details of your engine, body, and model types, including the date of manufacture and data that may be very useful when it comes to servicing the car. Services like CARfax use this lookup feature to tell you how many accidents and other problems have affected a used car. Even though he had gotten the usual literature from his dealership, who kept pestering him to "sell back" his car and buy a new one, he was not told about a recall that could affect the throttle on the car! They have until August 14, 2014 to be completely compliant with the rule, which outlines whether a particular vehicle is part of a recall and whether the defects have been in fact fixed.
Some cars that are traded in and are complete junk will be sold at auction, and some will be sold on the dealers lot. This allows used cars that are for sale by owners to cost a whole lot less than a similar car at a used car dealership.
This is one of the many reasons VINs are essential for car insurance and registration purposes.
In the past, dealers did not care much for these services, but now they use them as a point of pride, because they can charge you more money for the cars that have clean CARfax reports, and sell the undesirable ones for parts. When the transmission was serviced, the shop "reprogrammed and cleaned" the EGR (I still don't know what this is) and charged nothing on the bill.
This rule also includes requiremts for reporting crash avoidance and fuel system data so trends can be spotted in the event of reported defects and accidents. They are most often loated on the driver's side dashboard or on the door post of the driver's side door. And Yes, even the cars that have issues and mechanical problems will be sold on the dealership’s lot and you might be the one that ends up buying one of those cars that has problems. The formal VIN started in 1981 since before that there were different formats used by different manufacturers.
As it turned out by looking at the billing code online, there was a recall on this particular item, and I should have been notified but was not.
The good thing about this information for consumers is that when specific vehicle types (like a submodel, or 4 wheel drive option, or automatic tramsmission type) faces a recall, some cars won't be part of the program, so people can also be assured that they don't need to take their vehicle for a dealer, where some repairs can take days or weeks if the problem is ongoing. Check the reliability ratings of each car and calculate the costs.Most people know that buying a used automobile is like rolling the dice.
If you don’t look at these things and many others it can cost you an absolute fortune.

Ask the dealer to show you a vehicle condition report  that they have preformed on the vehicle, or a vehicle condition report that they have purchased for the vehicle you are considering buying.
The standardization of the numbers was done to get rid of chances of similar VIN’s appearing.
Other VIN surpises can show whether or not you have a "salvage title" which is for cars that have been sold for parts, or may have been sent to be dismantled under the old Cash for Clunkers program.
Therefore, the NHTSA's new program may be a boon to anyone who has not gotten an important recall notice, since a bad throttle could have ruined my whole road trip. Nothing is less fun than being told to park your car until the manufacturer figures out what is wrong, and will then send out a tow truck to take the car for repair.
To decode a VIN number, the usual standard is that the first character shows where the car was made, the 2nd and third are the carmaker, 4-8 are the "portrait" or the brand, engine type, and engine size.
However, following the steps of a used car checklist is one of the best ways to protect yourself, your money and help minimize the risks. One of the most important things to consider in your used car checklist that you can do yourself is to check the vehicle history.
The digits that are found on car VIN indicate the year the vehicle was manufactured, assembly point, country of origin, model as well as other important details that will prove helpful in its identification. Furthermore, VIN lookup services, and comparison to the VIN numbers etched on your engine and windshield, may establish whether your car is being sold legally. The 9th character is a security code, 10th is the model year, and the 11th identifies which assembly plant had the priveledge of making your automobile. Altered VIN numbers are in fact not all that uncommon, and may indicate that a car was stolen or "laundered" after having been in a flood or other adverse event. Characters 12 through 17 are the actual vehicle serial number, which is fine as long as the maker puts out less than 999,999 specific versions of your car. The two most common reasons for looking up VIN numbers are to learn more about the vehicle type (and whether certain accesories will fit the car) and the history of the car. Keep in mind that your dealership will certainly look up the VIN when you trade your car in, so if you want to understand its trade-in value you should have this handy. There are also several paid and free VIN decoding services that can give you insight about everything from your engine type to the model designation on your car.

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