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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Hearses For Sale Here Funeral Cars Coaches Pictures, Hearses For Sale Here Funeral Cars Coaches Images. With smaller, more economical cars and trucks on the road today, many people are looking for lightweight campers for sale. Whether you are looking for a new or used fifth wheel, travel trailer or pop up camper, there are many lightweight campers for sale from Colerain RV.    Call your camper sales professional, Aline Parsley at 513-923-3600 or toll free 1-800-332-4270 for the best deal.
The Model S P90D is the top of the 2016 Tesla range priced at $197,738 before on road costs. It has two electric motors, one driving the rear wheels that develops 375kW, and one driving the front wheels developing 193kW. With all wheel drive and every ounce of power available from zero revs, the Tesla Model S P90D can and will inflict whiplash on you if your head isn’t pressed firmly against the headrest before you hit the accelerator.
Not only is the Tesla Model S P90D mind-blowingly fast in a straight line, it corners like a Porsche 911.
The centre of gravity is very low in the Tesla thanks to 2100kgs of batteries in the floor of the car. You can also program the car to only take power generated by solar panels on your roof, while charging from the mains will cost you under $3, according to Tesla. Tesla currently operates seven Superchargers on the east coast allowing travel between Melbourne and Brisbane, with many more stand alone chargers dotted throughout Australia’s capital cities…and many more are planned. Superchargers considerably reduce charging times and are solar powered. The Model S P90D has a range of up to 505km on a single charge. The Model S features the Autopilot function, essentially the car drives itself on freeways with the ability to change lanes and keep a safe distance from surrounding cars. The interior is luxurious and dominated by the enormous central screen that controls pretty much everything. Spotify is a built in feature, and of course there’s normal radio, Bluetooth streaming and an internal hard drive to store music. Running costs are also minimal as there’s very little to be done in the service department. As soon as the boffins at Tesla HQ in San Francisco come up with a new or improved feature, just like your mobile phone, the car is updated via Wii in your home at no extra cost to you.
While the purchase price of this particular luxury model is expensive, when you extrapolate the figures over four years, the luxury Tesla Model S P90D costs about as much to run and own as a BMW 3 Series. You can however order a console that will fit in between the front seats, so I can hardly complain. If the recently unveiled Tesla Model 3 is a third as good as this car Tesla is sure to rule the world.

Chris is a writer, co-host of the Behind the Wheel podcast and a self declared car tragic . Peter Hitchener and Chris Miller have pulled together an unlikely cohort of guests from near and far on this week’s over-sized edition of Behind the Wheel. Its maker’s world-beating reputation for safety is backed up by a number of innovations, such as the safety cage (1944), the three-point seatbelt (1959) and the side impact airbag (1994).
Production is climbing from 2007 levels, and with new owner Zhejiang Geely Holding Group committed to doubling the company’s sales by 2020, there looks to be a brighter future for Sweden’s one remaining global car brand than many dared hope for three years ago.
Having said that, the subject of this road test will need to pull its weight if the 800,000-unit sales target is to be reached.
Grand touring version of McLaren's mightily impressive 570S Sports Series model lives up to high expectations on UK roads.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. Audi Avant 2WD model starts with a recommended list price of $63,900, the quattro all-wheel-drive $72,900.
Audi’s new ‘virtual cockpit’ instrument layout is easy to use and can be tailored by the driver to show the most important displays according to different driving situations.
Two drivetrains are offered, both based around a 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine and a seven-speed Audi dual-clutch automatic, tagged S-tronic. In the cargo area there are safety rails on the floor and several straps to let you secure items in various ways. The front seats are comfortable, though some may find them a little narrower than they like.
The sleek slope of the rear robs the wagon of some carrying ability as large boxy items won’t fit.
Smoothness and quietness are very good, all the more so when you consider the added difficulty of designing a station wagon body. Handling is neutral until the cars are pushed really hard, when the front-driver exhibits some safe understeer. The new high-tech Audi headlight system darkens the LED lights only in the area where it would dazzle other drivers, either in front or ahead.
However, these Audi lights are whiter and brighter than conventional ones and may give the impression they are on high beam. Audi’s new A4 Avant quattro wagon gives you sporting performance allied with added carrying ability. It is certainly a glimpse into the future with its all electric drive-train and world first technologies, not to mention its blistering performance.
Tyres and brakes obviously need to be replaced like a normal combustion engine car, but engine servicing is redundant.

The design brief was for a minimalist interior, and while the brief has been nailed, keys, phones, mints & laptops can be found rattling around. It’s stunning to look at, has supercar performance, is kind on the environment and never gets old.
He is a radio broadcaster by trade and reports traffic for 774 ABC Melbourne, FOX FM and Smooth FM. The pain of several years without profit, of sales volumes up to 30 per cent down on the firm’s pre-financial-crisis height, have largely come to an end. The new V40 isn’t just a replacement for the S40 and V50; it’s also a concerted effort to break into one of the most important segments of the whole European car market. This is Gothenburg’s attempt to do ‘compact premium’ well enough to tempt Europe’s fleet drivers out their Audi A3s, Volkswagen Golfs and BMW 1-series. Avants are easy to spot, just drive on an autobahn at high speed, but keep out of the fast lane, pretty soon one will pass you at 200+ kmh.
In the Avant quattro all-wheel-drive the engine has a sportier state of tune to bring it up to 185 kW, with 370 Nm between 1600 and 4500.
They don’t fold completely flat, stopping an irritating few degrees above where we would like them to be. There’s some minor lag before you get the full benefit of this grunt, but we have felt worse. The quattro, with its added grip and lower profile tyres, can produce the sort of driving that keen punters love.
We found it best to use conventional low beam around town and only switch to the intelligent LED system on the open road. And it looks good too, definitely one to add to your list of possibilities if you don’t want the bulk of an SUV.
It will probably be black and a sales rep of some sort will be at the steering wheel in a hurry to their next appointment. It works extremely well in country areas, providing almost the feeling of having daylight in front. However, the gear selector is extremely easy to use so you can juggle performance needs in a moment. It receives live traffic reports and five free map updates are in included in the A4’s price.
Most of the extra size has gone into significantly increasing legroom in the rear, although there’s also more elbowroom and headroom.

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