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2016 Nissan Murano S FWD -lease it now for just $349 + tax for 60 months with $ 1950 + tax down. The air flows through the air filter, intake boot, then through the throttle body, into the plenum, then through the runners into the cylinders. The engine performance can be adjusted by varying the size of the intake plenum and the length and shape of the runners. Common problems with intake manifolds include leaking gaskets, carbon build-up and issues with intake tuning valves.
In some older GM vehicles, an entire intake manifold had to be replaced due to a coolant leak. In some engines, for example, Volkswagen TDI Diesel, carbon build-up inside the intake manifold can cause lack of power, misfiring, smoke and poor fuel economy. The power of the engine is greatly depends on the amount of air that can be delivered through the intake.
While switching to a custom-made intake manifold can be expensive, some performance enthusiasts opt for porting and polishing of the intake runners and the cylinder head.

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For this reason, modern cars have variable intake manifolds where special tuning valves alter the air flow through the manifold depending on the engine speed and power demand. This can cause rough idle, stalling as well as the Check Engine light coming on with the codes P0171 and P0174.
Changing the size of the intake plenum as well as the length of the intake runners can greatly influence the engine torque curve as well as overall performance. The idea is to smooth out the imperfection and match the size and shape of the intake runners to the openings in the cylinder head. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The repair includes removing the intake manifold, checking the mounting surface and replacing the gaskets.
In many BMW vehicles a failed DISA valve installed in the intake manifold is a common issue.

For example, in this video, Ferrari engineers were able to get more power out of their V12 naturally aspirated engine by changing the intake manifold shape and size and adding adjustable trumpets. A clogged-up intake manifold might need to be removed and cleaned manually, or replaced all together. Adjustable trumpets effectively change the length of the intake runners according to the engine speed. Often the source of the vacuum leak could be a broken vacuum hose or line that connects to the intake manifold.
Longer intake runners add torque at lower RPMs, while shorter intake runners increase torque at higher RPMs. In some cars, a vacuum leak can be a identified by a hissing sound coming from under the hood.

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