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We have also learned that some dealers sold their i8s for as much as 100,000 over sticker, that’s nearly a 75% surcharge.
The front wheels are powered by an electric motor with 131 hp and provides instant off the line torque. Back in April when we test drove the i8 and parked it on Rodeo Drive, people literally swarmed the car, snapping cell phone pics and selfies with it. So this brings back to the original topic: why would anyone pay $100,000 over MSRP for the i8?
Without a doubt some BMW Dealerships are shortsighted and choose to sell for what the market will bare. Only time will tell where the i8 will shake out in all of this, but it is my belief that supply will catch up with demand sometimes after 2015. For those of you that love futuristic renderings, the name Khyzyl Saleem might be very familiar. A new report surfaced in Germany this week, claiming once again that the rumored BMW 8 Series will get the green light.
BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car? The rapidly-rising Jeep range is poised to notch up further success with this month's release of its significantly uprated Grand Cherokee range.
The latest development is the introduction of an eight-speed automatic transmission across the range, subtle styling improvements, better interiors - and the launch of a 4 x 2 version of the Laredo model. Priced at $45,000 drive away, the pretty high-spec Laredo 4 x 2 V6 puts a Grand Cherokee within reach of many more potential buyers. Laredo, also still available as a 4WD, is followed by the Limited, from $51,000, Overland, from $66,000 and the fire-breathing and feature-packed SRT8 at $77,000. The smooth ZF eight-speed auto gives each engine option longer legs and slightly better fuel economy.
Slim, high density bi-xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, new bumpers and a restyled tailgate are the most visual exterior changes of the new Grand Cherokees, which also get new instrument clusters, new steering wheels with audio, cruise and voice command buttons and paddle shifters. All models have Uconnect voice command with Bluetooth, TFT customisable displays and audio systems that range from a six-speaker kit in the Laredo to nine speakers with sub woofer and 506W amplifier in Limited and an option pack for the SRT that uses 19 speakers and an 825W amplifier. The Laredo gets good cloth seats, Limited has leather, Overland uses Nappa leather and SRT luxuriates in premium Nappa.
Hill start assist is standard on all models, as is auto-on headlights, seven airbags and a full suite of electronic driver aids.
We did about 200km in a Laredo in Queensland's mountainous Maryvale region shortly after a major downpour, and never had a moment of bother, irrespective of the gamut of road conditions, including stretches of dirt, mud and some river crossings. The two-tonne SUV coped admirably, the sole niggle being a split second of nothingness on exiting tight corners while the new gearbox consulted its abacus to decide which ratio was needed. That little problem did not affect the SRT, which now comes with Launch Assist, a bit of electronic wizardry that can let the flagship take off as if fired from a catapult.
Overall, an impressive line-up; classy, well engineered vehicles, big on street cred, finish and performance. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 could make its way to Australia following the closure of Holden's factories in 2017. The Chevrolet Camaro SS could make its way to Australia following the closure of Holden's factories in 2017. The Chevrolet Silverado could make its way to Australia following the closure of Holden's factories in 2017.
The Chevrolet Corvette could make its way to Australia following the closure of Holden's factories in 2017. The Cadillac CTS could make its way to Australia following the closure of Holden's factories in 2017. The Chevrolet Camaro convertible could make its way to Australia following the closure of Holden's factories in 2017. Holden looks set to follow the lead of Ford and give grieving fans an iconic V8 muscle car to ease the pain of its 2017 factory closure. Mr Reuss would not speculate which cars in the Chevrolet line-up would make it to Australia, but vehicles that are built in left-hand-drive only for now include the iconic Camaro and Corvette sports cars, and the range of Chevrolet full-size pick-ups and SUVs.

Holden has been thrashed in the pick-up sales race by the Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara and Mitsubishi Triton. Holden was close to getting a right-hand-drive version of the current Camaro until the Global Financial Crisis crushed those plans. At the same function last year, the then boss of General Motors, Dan Akerson, told News Corp Australia that the new Corvette would be made in right-hand-drive for the first time in 50 years. When pressed on how the boss of the company could get such a key fact wrong during a media presentation, Mr Lee said: “We can spend the entire 20 minutes talking about this.
News Corp Australia understands that Mr Reuss, having been a boss of Holden, understands the frustration of a limited model line-up.
With high-level support at three key stages of General Motors’ management, Holden has its best chance yet of getting sought after US cars. Meanwhile, the shutdown of Holden’s factory in 2017 is almost certain to change the face of the Commodore of the future. But News Corp Australia understands Holden now has three options on the table: the Chinese Buick design, or it can take the Chevrolet or Opel equivalents of the new large sedan. The future Commodore will still switch to front-wheel-drive (after 65 years of large rear-wheel-drive Holden sedans) but executives in Australia are reportedly fighting to make a V6 available as an option to avoid a buyer backlash. We test the new Mercedes-AMG turbocharged V6 to find out if it's better than its V8-powered big brother. The engine offers up its peak torque from just 2000rpm which means there is excellent pulling power from low down in the rev range. Porsche has captured the very essence of motoring with its back-to-basics limited edition machine. What about competitive trade-in valuations, delivery to the door and free roadside assistance?
As Australia’s leading car buying service, we use our buying power to do just that anywhere across Australia. Named after a South American capital city; designed in Europe and the USA, built in South Korea and fine tuned in Australia. The Kia Rio landed here in late 2011 and was joined by three-door hatch and four-door sedan variants midway through 2012. In design terms, the new Kia Rio leads from the front with its so-called ‘Schreyer’ chromed radiator grille, a nod to Peter Schreyer, the Chief Design Officer at Kia. The steering wheel, with tilt and telescopic adjustment, also carries cruise control and audio buttons, making for safe switching while on the move. On average the Rio manual used about seven to eight litres of fuel per hundred kilometres on suburban runs.
Generally, there was little to complain of with the Rio S three-door’s behaviour on the road except some above-average tyre noise on course bitumen. We are scheduled to get our first i8 in September but the information as to build and options is limited to us at this point. Then there was the very special one-of- a-kind BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition, which was auctioned off for $825,000, nearly $700,000 over sticker last week. Its exotic looks are matched by its exotic construction, a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body with an aluminum subframe complete with a plug-in hybrid power train capable of 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.
It’s a limited run of a very special car, the demand can readily outstrip the supply. Some people just want to have the latest and greatest, at no cost and they enjoy the bragging rights.
BMW has invested too much into the new sub-brand BMW i to make the i8 a limited run production car.
Sales of the Grand Cherokee have shot up by 3.5 times since the new generation arrived in 2011 and Jeep dealerships in Oz have doubled from 51 to more than 100. And there's a bewildering list of 4x4 systems: quadra-trac, quadra-drive, quadra-lift, selec-trac and selec-trac among them.
There's loads of room for up to five adults and 782-litres available in the cargo area .Fold down the back seats and cargo capacity increases to 1554litres. Ford will introduce a Mustang just as the last Falcon is about to roll off the Broadmeadows production line and it now seems General Motors is hatching a similar plan by introducing the Camaro just as the Commodore comes to an end.

But less than 24 hours later the company made a U-turn on the comments, with GM’s second-in-charge Tim Lee telling News Corp Australia: “I have no idea what [General Motors CEO Dan Akerson] said but we have no plan to put a right-hand-drive under that bonnet. General Motors’ new boss of International Operations, former Volkswagen and Volvo executive Stefan Jacoby, is also understood to have been surprised by Holden’s inability to get highly desirable US-only models. However a Holden spokesman said the plans for any right-hand-drive versions of US models were yet to be approved, and would then need to undergo a feasibility study. Originally, when the model was to be made locally, the 2018 Commodore was going to share its design with a Chinese-built Buick. This means the next Commodore could be made in China, Europe or North America, with which Australia has a Free Trade Agreement. Instead it offers up a very different, but arguably no less impressive, driving character to give Mercedes customers a new AMG experience.Whereas the C63 is a wild machine, with moreA power than is really neccessaryA and an edgy rear-wheel drive chassis, the C43 is an easier and more relaxing car to drive quickly.
Is it any wonder the importers say the fourth-generation Kia Rio will appeal to many buyers downunder? The result is a body that is identical to the five-door, offering the same dimensions and the same striking looks. ‘Tidy’ is the best way to describe the cabin interior, with minimal, but mostly, helpful information set out in an easy-to-read manner. A new Vehicle Stability Management program monitors active safety features such as ABS braking, stability and traction control, as well as the motorised power steering that can take over when stability reaches its threshold. This drops to an impressive five to six litres if you treat it carefully on open road trips. Kia Australia engineers had a major input into the new Rio’s ride and handling, shaking down each model in exacting conditions over 2000 km on the same stretch of road in and around the Hunter Valley north of Sydney. This though was sold in a Gooding auction to raise money for a Pebble Beach Charity and can’t really be considered a market indicator.
Historically, this is a point at which in a free economy some are willing and able to pay over MSRP for the ability to purchase as vehicle they would not have otherwise gotten at that moment in time. Add to that the accolades from the automotive press and widely publicized fact that the first year’s run of i8s are sold out in the US and there is the perfect storm for i8’s going substantially over MSRP.
BMWBLOG has been told by a BMW AG representative several months ago that BMW will manufacture as many i8 cars as customers want. Other stores will value long term relationships with their customers and immediate profit is not their long-term strategy. Some raise or lower the vehicle, others let the driver pick a mode suited to sand, snow, mud or rock. It's meaty motor emits a wonderful sound with all the taps open, so why bother with an over the top audio system to drown it out? Demand for US-only utes in Australia is so strong that a number of local businesses have been converting them to right-hand-drive and selling them for in excess of $100,000. But Holden fans shouldn’t get too excited about every vehicle in the Chevrolet range being available in Australia. Out-going Holden boss Mike Devereux, whose replacement is yet to be named, has also been pushing for more right-hand-drive models be made available in Australia.
The smaller andA lighter engine, combined with the better traction, helps the C43 feel more responsive and planted in a series of challenging corners than the more powerful and occasionally wild V8 muscle car.That's not to suggest the C43 is better than the C63, just different.
On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of Hino 500 photos and wish you a pleasant viewing experience. If you ignore the gearshift indicator, which suggests you should go up a cog, it doesn’t do a great deal to improve real world performance, and probably increases fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
Try the car on that sort of road if comfort takes precedence over handling in your mind. The suspension is well sorted thanks to the aforementioned extensive Aussie shakedown, and brakes are on the sharp side but, with familiarity, on test became easier to handle.
The deposits at this point are just holding the clients place in line to have the right of refusal or purchase.
In essence,A AMG has managed to create two very different machines with unique personalities but each linked by a common thread of DNA.The rest of the C43 Coupe is much the same as you expect from the C-Class.

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