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Rising S Steel Bunkers are built from high quality plate steel and structural metals on the market today.
When treated with our durable exterior coating, steel shelters have very little maintenance issues and last much longer than the other options.
Raw steel is the only material that goes into the construction of our bunkers and shelters. RSC steel bunkers are coated with an exterior waterproof coating ensuring the shelter will last for generations. Contact Information for all of your Steel Bunker, Storm Shelter, Safe Room or NBC Air Filtration questions.
About UsWe offer the best underground bunkers, storm shelters and safe-rooms on the market. Inside of a water pressure tank is an air bladder that becomes compressed as the water is pumped into the tank. Lakeland Water Pump Company of New Jersey is a specialist in water well pressure tank troubleshooting and repairing well water pressure tank problems of all sorts.  Your pressurized water tank is an important part of your well water system and keeping it in proper working order is critical to keeping your well water flowing.

Lakeland Water Pump Company uses Well X Trol tanks for their superior quality and 7 Year Warranty.  We insist on economy with quality and Amtrol has developed pressure tanks for wells that have revolutionized the industry. Your water well pressure tank is too important to ignore so if you think you may have a problem, call us and we will make sure your water flow protected.  Contact Lakeland Water Pump Company if you need service for your well pump pressure tank. Are you in need of well pressure tank replacement in the Sussex County, Warren County or Morris County area of NJ?  Contact Lakeland Water Pump Company now! Hydraulic oil in elevator sumps is a danger for all personnel working on and around the elevator equipment. Highland Tank Elevator Sump Discharge Filtration Systems recover harmful oil spills or discharges from hydraulic elevator sumps whenever the sumps are drained by a self activating pump.
This makes the entire underground shelter extremely rigid and strong, unlike shelters from many of our competitors.
100% steel, fabricated by hand and customized to each client's unique specs; our bomb shelters are the BEST on the market. The pressure in the tank is what moves the water through the house plumbing system.  Many times problems with a water well system are the result of a failure of pressure tanks.

This condition can cause damage to the elevator equipment and pollute the environment if allowed to persist.
These systems are used in applications where strict water quality discharge regulations are mandated. There is no chance of a structural “weak spot” and these bunkers will not collapse under weight or unexpected changes in the earth.
Rising S shelters are installed to be underground leaving no 3 ft hill in the middle of your yard. Highland Tank Elevator Oil Interceptors (EOI) are designed to trap sediment and retain free floating oil and grease (petroleum hydrocarbons and other volatile liquids) in wastewater discharged from elevator pit sumps.
You want the safest and least problematic shelter, you want the best – you want a Rising S shelter.

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