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Emergency Accessory Kit to the Home Survival Kit containing the most effective supplies for protection from the spread of the pandemic flu.
ER™ Pandemic Flu Kits contain emergency supplies specifically designed for protection against the spread of a pandemic flu outbreak. The risk for a large pandemic outbreak at any moment is an unfortunate but very real possibility. No dress shopping experience is complete without a bottle of champagne or in this case…prosecco! Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Luckily recent outbreaks of the Bird and Swine Flu quickly subsided but nonetheless evidenced the danger posed by a quickly spreading airborne virus without a known cure.
It was one of my favorite moments during our engagement, a moment shared with the special women in my life. I loved hearing what everyone had to say about the dresses I was trying on but sometimes there were too many opinions and it clouded my judgement.
So take the time to properly prepare in case another outbreak occurs; you'll be thankful you did.
Whether you’ve chosen to bring all your aunts and bridesmaids or just your maid of honor to shop, make sure you are prepared!

These signs help keep opinions to a minimum and on top of that they are just plain cute!! And when your bride has found the dress of her dreams they create the perfect photo op!
You can definitely make them yourself :) It’s a super cute way to add a personal touch to this special day!

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