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Co-stars Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker talk with THR about the nature of the relationship between the Dixon brothers. Merle believes his brother, Daryl, is alive on AMC's The Walking Dead -- but how soon will the Dixon siblings reunite? After finding Andrea and Michonne in the woods and bringing them back to Woodbury, one of tough-guy Merle's (Michael Rooker) first questions for his fellow cohort was about his brother, Daryl (Norman Reedus). It puts Merle in an interesting position, especially now that Michonne (Danai Gurira) has parted with the creepy community, and begs the question: how soon until Daryl learns that his often racist big brother is not so far away from his new home at the prison? What will their relationship look like now that Daryl has truly stepped up to become Rick's right-hand man and an overall good guy who cares not only about himself but so much about the rest of the group?
When -- and if -- the brothers are reunited, could Daryl -- like Andrea -- become entranced by the normalcy (running water, a thriving community) that exists at Woodbury? Rooker, meanwhile, proved by staying put in Woodbury after the Governor vetoed even a solo run to search for Daryl, that he's loyal to the twisted leader with a collection of severed heads in his apartment.
Description: The Walking Dead Episode 4 is a hi res Wallpaper for pc desktops,laptops or mobile gadgets. You can download The Walking Dead Episode 4 for free, just look below in the Detail section.Finally, don't forget to share your opinion with your vote (just below also)! When the outbreak began, his family fled to King County and took refuge in the house that once belonged to Fred and Cindy Drake, neighbors of Rick Grimes. As a delirious Rick Grimes mopes about in his neighborhood, waving out to a "man" (actually a walker), Duane whacks Rick on the face with a shovel, shouting out to his father that he "got one".
The next day, Duane, Rick, and Morgan take hot showers at the King County Sheriff's Department and stock up on guns and ammunition, Duane asks if he can have a gun before parting ways. The father and son return to their barricaded home and Duane sits downstairs while he hears a gunshot from upstairs. Though Rick and Duane do not interact much, Duane knocked out Rick assuming he was a walker. Later on, when he is looking throughout Morgan's house months after, he eventually finds out Duane turned as of what was written on the wall.
The character's name is a reference to the 1968 film, Night of the Living Dead, which starred Duane Jones, an African-American actor who portrayed the lead character in the film, Ben.
Duane appears to be a couple of years older in the TV series than his comic series counterpart.
Although his personality is not well known, Andrew is seen as a sly, cunning and docile young man.
In the outbreak's onset, a big rebellion and riot started at the West Georgia Correctional Facility. He was found after Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Glenn Rhee, T-Dog, and Maggie Greene broke open the cafeteria's door to escape walkers. Later on in the episode, a mysterious figure is seen spying on Carol Peletier from the tree line, hinting that Andrew survived after being left to die by Rick. At the beginning of the episode, a mysterious figure is seen dragging a deer carcass to the prison gates, and begins to lure walkers into the prison.
Later on, after walkers begin to flood the prison, the prison's alarms are activated, and Rick, Daryl and Oscar go to shut them down before more walkers arrive. After leading a horde of walkers to the prison, Andrew attacked Rick in the prison's generator room. Andrew was apparently very close to Tomas as shown by his willingness to go along with Tomas' decisions, this is revealed through comments made by both Axel and Oscar. Oscar and Andrew were locked up together for 10 months in the cafeteria and may have known each other prior to the Outbreak. In "Killer Within", Andrew seemed to firmly believe that Oscar would kill Rick so that the prisoners could reclaim the prison for themselves, however Oscar seemed unsympathetic to Andrew and killed him, firmly establishing his place in the group. Andrew seemed to be friends with Big Tiny and was in denial when Rick kept telling him they could not save him or cut off his wound. After Rick murdered Tomas, Andrew, seeking revenge, then attacked Rick, but Rick dodged his attack, prompting Andrew to flee, eventually winding up in a courtyard full of walkers. Carl never interacted with Andrew, although it is clear that he knows that Rick failed to kill him and that he caused the chain of events that lead to his mother dying in childbirth. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file.
Are you 1 of the 50 people on earth that hasn’t played  Telltale’s masterpiece of a game?

A zombified Travis being shot by Carley, axed by Mark or Larry, or an alive Travis devoured by walkers. Travis is an original character who first appeared in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One.
Nothing is known about Travis' life before or as the outbreak began except that he had a father who served in the Special Forces, and that he attended high school and was friends with Ben Paul. Travis is first seen in the woods with Ben while attempting to help their teacher, David Parker, free himself from a bear trap. If David is not freed in time, Travis panics and grabs for Mark's hunting rifle, but Mark accidentally shoots Travis in the struggle. After throwing up, Travis is too busy watching David being carried, and is attacked by a group of zombies. The bear trap that the teen's teacher was trapped in was most likely the same one Danny got trapped in later on, indicating that the St. If David was left behind, Travis panicked as he attempted grabbing Mark's rifle, however, he took a shot to the stomach in the struggle. Travis and Ben's interaction was short, though they seemed to be friends, or at least on neutral terms. If you leave David behind and save Carley in Episode 1, she'll be the one killing the zombified Travis with her gun, but when he's dead, the back of his head will still look like it would if he'd had been killed with the axe.
He is the second of three characters played by Ruby Butterfield, the others being Steve and Boyd. Dependent upon the player's choices, Travis can have the fastest reanimation time throughout the video game, ranging at the lowest possible 17 seconds. All that is known about him is that he had a mother named Jenny, a father named Morgan and presumably attended middle school. When the pair realize Rick is human, they take him into the house they're staying at and care for him. When an undead Jenny Jones is spotted by Duane, he cries since it was his mother and Morgan hugs him.
After being tied down and explained what is going on with the world, Rick takes Morgan and Duane to the police station.
You may be looking for his Comic Series counterpart, the Webisodes character, the Video Game character, Rick Grimes' actor, Jim's actor or Gareth's actor.
Although described as weak and a coward by his fellow prisoners Axel and Oscar, Andrew is shown to be cable of extreme violence and cold blooded murder and is indeed a dangerous individual. After breaking the secure lock on the gates with an axe, the figure then leaves a heart on the ground and disappears into the prison. While Daryl is busy holding a door shut, and Rick and Oscar are shutting the alarms down, Andrew appears, revealing that he is the mysterious figure and then tries to kill Rick with an axe, but misses. After the death of Tomas, Andrew tried to kill Rick and his group, and even seemed to try and avenge him by taking back the prison.
Despite all of this, they may not have cared for each other as Andrew shows cowardly tendencies, while Oscar is heroic, and Andrew's friendship with Tomas, which Oscar likely did not share. Carl most likely despises Andrew deeply and is angered that Rick did not kill him when he had the chance.
If so, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Episode One is now available to download for FREE on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. You may be looking for the Survival Instinct character, the Novel Series character, the Fear character, the actor, or the other actor.
He performed in the band along with him and they were traveling to a sports competition, with Mr.
He doesn't trust Lee Everett, Mark, and Kenny, believing them to be the same people that raided their camp, and tells Ben this. Travis is then carried unconscious to the motor inn by Mark while David is left behind and eaten by walkers. It is unknown if they had spoken before the apocalypse, however, Ben mentioned that Travis was in band with him. Travis was in band, which means he was likely taught by David before the apocalypse due to him being the band director. Travis showed to care about David when trying to free him from the bear trap. Duane and his father became very depressed and were forced to leave her out on the street to roam. When he returned, he saw that Duane had his gun pointed at Jenny, but he couldn't do it, so Jenny attacked Duane. Andrew is the right hand of Tomas and serves as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Sick" and later the primary antagonist of the episode "Killer Within".

It is possible he worked in the prison's generator room as he knew how to start up the prison's alarms during his attack in "Killer Within". He is shown to be completely loyal to the leader of the prisoners Tomas as evident by his horrified reaction to Tomas' brutal murder at the hands of Rick and desire to bring revenge upon Rick and his group by killing them all and retaking the prison. When Tomas claimed the prison, Andrew stood with him, but they ended up accepting Rick's offer to give half of their food in exchange for help clearing Cell Block B for the prisoners to live in. It is revealed that Andrew survived the encounter with the walkers that Rick had left him in and ultimately set in motion the events that led to the walkers invading the prison, which ended up killing T-Dog and causing Lori Grimes to give birth and die in the process. Probably the only person on the planet that doesn't think the Dreamcast was all that great. At the Motor Inn, Katjaa tries to save him, but he succumbs to blood loss, only to reanimate as a zombie. Travis falls back, crawling to escape the zombies, but eventually gets pinned and devoured. If Travis dies in the forest, Ben initially tried to save him, but was prevented from doing so by Lee. Morgan then tells Rick that he shot Jenny himself, but it was too late and Duane was bitten.
As he turns towards his father, Jenny pounces and begins to bite Duane forcing Morgan to finally kill his undead wife.
It is revealed that Jenny attacks Duane, and he turns because he does not shoot her before he is infected. It appears that Andrew holds respect for his fellow prisoners as evident by him wanting Rick to help Big Tiny after his infection. He never returned and the five prisoners were locked inside for 10 months, completely cut off from the outside. On their way to the cell block, while fighting walkers, Big Tiny was scratched and is told by Rick that there was nothing they could do about his infection. Rick showed no remorse for what he did to Andrew, however, Andrew survived and later lured walkers into the prison in "Killer Within", in the hopes of Rick's group being killed, allowing him and his fellow prisoners to reclaim the prison for themselves. He stumbles across a seemingly abandoned little girl named Clementine and Lee now has to make vital decisions for not only his but a child’s life that  he must hold dear while  trying to keep his past a secret from fellow survivors.
After a struggle, he was either killed by Mark or Larry (depending on who you gave the axe earlier). If Travis dies at the motor inn, Ben seemed to show some amount of sadness over his friend's death, but moved on quickly. He did seem oblivious that Oscar and Axel held grudges against him due to his loyalty to Tomas, as before his demise he believed that Oscar would favor him over Rick, which Oscar clearly did not as he killed him to establish his own place in Rick's group.
Andrew stood up for Big Tiny, desperately pleading to Rick that there must have been a way to save him. Andrew tried once again to kill Rick for revenge for leaving him to die, but was stopped and killed by Oscar. Share the experience and have your friends and family help you make life changing decisions during The Walking Dead and make two save files ; the choices you make will effect the paths you take through every episode afterwards, including the 400 Days DLC and the anticipated The Walking Dead: Season Two ! This indicates that Ben was less interested in friendship than he was with being with someone else, as he himself admitted that he didn't want to be alone. He witnessed Big Tiny's brutal death at the hands of Tomas, but didn't show any feelings about it. Telltale Games also dropped  The Walking Dead Season Pass down to $14.99 from the previous $19.99, which gives you access to download all 5 episodes of The Walking Dead Season One journey! Later on, Ben explains that people do not have to be bitten to reanimate and that everybody is already infected. Without italics, determinant characters either die, stay alive or are left with unknown status.
Andrew fled the room and ran down the corridors, attempting to evade Rick, who had begun pursuing. He attempted to reenter the prison, but Rick had closed the entry gate, and only told Andrew that he'd, "better run." Andrew then attempted to avoid the walkers closing in on him.

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