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Any interest in our Mitsubishi generators,please send your inquiry in time.Pleasure to help. Any interest in our Yamaha 2400 generators,please send your inquiry in time.Pleasure to help.
If any interest in our 7 kva generators ,please send your inquiry in time.Pleasure to help. If any interest in our 6 kva generators ,please send your inquiry in time.Pleasure to help. Any interest in our ef2000is yamaha portable generators,please send your inquiry in time.Pleasure to help. If any interest in our 5000 kw generators ,please send your inquiry in time.Pleasure to help. John Deere & Company has a long history of providing quality diesel engines to its customers, from its first diesel engine in 1949 to today’s Tier 4 PowerTech engine.
John Deere diesel engines have been instrumental in the production of thousands of products and applications around the world. MachineFinder, John Deere and the associated trademarks are property and available only for the specific use of Deere & Company. No, but we do have recommended installers throughout Southern Africa who will be able to assist you with your installation and sizing your generator.
Yes, you'll need either an Automatic (ATS) or Manual change over switch in order to link the generator into your properties electrical distribution board. All generators are manufactured to the highest quality and are tested extensively before delivery. Complete Kit Manual Transfer Switch 6 Circuit Kits include generator cables, wires, plugs and other hardware. Complete Kit Manual Transfer Switch 10 Circuit Kits include generator cables, wires, plugs and other hardware. Resources Link exchange, partner sites, 3rd party resources.
Engine oil has limited life - after a certain point it starts losing lubricating qualities and carbonizes. Your first oil change is required at 25 hours and then very 100 hours or 3 month depending on what comes first.
Replace oil filter and oil drain plug and refill with synthetic 15w40 diesel oil to level shown. Adjustment of the intake and exhaust valve head clearance governs the performance of the engine, and must be performed accurately. Set Gap Between Valve Spring and Rocker Arm The idea is to measure the gap accurately, if it is too loose or if the feeler is squeezed too tight, forcing the valve to open slightly against the force of the valve spring, the reading will not be accurate. This post features 20 interesting facts that you may not know about John Deere diesel engines.

The first Deere diesel engine, found in the Model R, produced 51 horsepower and was the first to offer a live power take-off (PTO) with its own clutch. The innovative design of the John Deere Model R tractor featured two engines—the 416-cubic inch diesel-fired engine along with a two-cylinder, gasoline-fired starter engine. In 1953, Deere launched the Model 70, the first John Deere diesel-powered row-crop tractor. The model 8010 in 1959 marked the beginning of 4- or 6-cylinder diesel engines, as Deere moved away from 2-cylinder engines at the end of 1958. In 1960, John Deere introduced the 300 and 400 Series engines—its first in-line 4- and 6-cylinder gasoline, LP gas, and diesel engines—in the model 1010, 2010, 3010, and 4010 tractors.
In 1969, Deere introduced its first turbocharged diesel engine in the 4520 row-crop tractor. In 1996, Deere rolled out a new breed of engines, called PowerTech™, to comply with Tier 1 standards. John Deere diesel engines are produced for agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, generator drives, marine equipment, and thousands of other applications around the world. The John Deere 300 series included the company’s first diesel-powered lawn-and-garden tractor. John Deere engines are produced in different factories worldwide: Saran (France), Waterloo (USA), Torreon (Mexico), Pune (India), and Rosario (Argentina). John Deere engines are distributed to more than 700 OEMs worldwide for use in construction, marine, agricultural and forestry machines, air compressors, generator sets, irrigation pumps, and natural gas on-highway applications. John Deere designed and manufactured diesel engines aim to provide excellent torque, fuel efficiency, and durability. John Deere was one of the first engine manufacturers to certify 75-to-174-hp diesel engines as compliant with EPA Interim Tier 4, EU Stage III B, and CARB emissions regulations. The company has set high standards for providing customers with quality engines, as its impressive history demonstrates. Installations are all different and require varying length of cable, time and distances to be travelled. Due to the nature of the goods and their size they have to be delivered by a specialised truck and rigging crew. Pricing on the website is indicative and should always be confirmed by Bundu Power in the form of a written quotation.
The generator set should have oil and all filters changed on a regular basis The generator should be kept free from dust and occasionally connections should be checked for looseness.
Once it happens, the engine gets contaminated with carbon deposits or sludge that significantly shorten engine's life. Even if you do not use your generator you should still change the oil as it breaks down and collects moisture. Synthetic oil can withstand higher temperature and can work longer without losing its lubricating qualities.

The dual engines resolved two starting difficulties often seen in diesel engines; operators could start the engine with the pull of a lever, rather than manually turning the flywheel, and had the capacity to warm-up the engine quickly in cold temperatures. In the years since, the company has followed a building-block approach to meeting each new regulatory Tier, systematically adopting technologies for the PowerTech platform.
In addition to this installations need to be done by a qualified electrician to issue a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC) for your insurance. These procedures are normally done every 100 hours or 3 months whatever comes first as suggested by our maintenance schedules. When you change oil at or before manufacturer suggested interval, you change the oil before this "carbonizing" point, engine remains clean and once refilled with new oil ready to work hard again.
If you are using your generator for long periods of time or in very hot climates then it will be necessary to chage the oil more often. It doesn't get thicker at below-zero temperatures providing good engine lubrication at a cold start. We will gladly recommend a qualified local installer, please ask your Sales Consultant for more information. If the engine oil has not been changed for long, carbon deposits start clogging the oil pickup screen decreasing oil supply and increasing friction.
After your generators first oil change and initial break in period a good quality synthetic oil designed for diesel engines is recommended. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of sale and the Warranty Card for further information on the warranty. There is an o-ring on it that can easily be pinched if you do not put some oil on it before squeezing it back into place. Mobil1 is one of the best ones you can get however make sure what you buy is specifically for a diesel engine, there is a difference. The unit should also be checked from an electrical standpoint to be sure that it is performing as it was designed. The oil filter must be fitted into the engine and the oil filter inserted all the way in or it will not make a proper seal inside resulting in low oil pressure readings. If you have purchased your generator in Johannesburg then the warranty is held in Johannesburg etc. Unlike your car, these diesel engines work a lot harder and faster and oil really makes a big difference on how long they will last.

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