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I may get paid for ads or purchases made through links in this post.June 17, 2014 By Heidi 3 Comments The BEST gift for the bride-to-be is a Bridal Survival Kit in a jar! She’ll have everything she needs {that she won’t want to forget} to tote along to theA weddingA venue for her special day! Life Is Precious is a beautifully-designed compact survival kit by Fort Standard that fits comfortably within a neatly machined metal tube. Some of these ideas where a little too high-tech for me.  But if you know how to pull them off I think they would be pretty cool! And some of the uses were just a little strange and not quite sure if there is really a need for them. I’ve seen quite a few uses for those cans but I think the ones you featured blow the others out of the water!
I have to add these to my someday pile… I have collected a few tins, because I know that I will eventually make something with them!

These are all such adorable ideas… I just adore the mouse bed, the atlas and the mini suitcase!
10mm Black Bevel With One Bat Symbol This Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Is A 10mm wide beveled with one (1) BAT image and an Ultra-Bright finish.
Beautiful wedding dress~~~^_^~~~ ~~~^_^~~~ Very long put tail, and very beautiful picture, fantasy your wedding right, girls. To compliment the lavender ambiance of the venue, the couple chose a whimsical combination of white hydrangea, purple dendrobium orchids and lavender roses for their guest tables.
This is the perfect photo pose for the coupe that is known for posting pictures of themselves with their phone!
A single calla lily in this funky color is a great way to add a pop of color to your groom.
I love that it all fits inside of a mason jar, it’s not so much stuff that it will break then bank, nor will the bride be wondering what to do with all of it!

To help inspire you and show all of the possibilities, I have created this post that shows just some of what you can make with an Altoids tin.
I think my favorites are the cute sewing kit and the little travel boxes – the kids would love those!
I put all the mints in a little baggie and gave them to my 7-year-old because she loves them! Don’t worry, if you find any ideas that you love, click on the title link or the image.

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