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Don’t over personalize your items, but bottled water is a nice way to bring in your event brand.  We love Bottle Your Brand (the source of these great pics)! A deck of cards for adult down time and fun for the child at heart.  Your guests will appreciate you giving them a little something to do during down times. You will need to set up a system to track delivery confirmation.  Since you will be arriving ahead of time to ensure residency requirements are set, this will be a good time to assemble bags (or have your Destination Wedding Planner team do it for you). Holidaymakers trying to beat airline baggage charges by taking only hand luggage are being ripped off by travel-sized toiletries.

Passengers flying abroad are limited to 100ml bottles and tubes for shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries in hand luggage, so increasing numbers buy miniature bottles at the airport. Researchers found that a 150ml spray can of Dove anti-perspirant costs ?1 (about R12) on the high street.
A WHSmith spokesman said: “Airport stores sell a tailored range of products for people on the move. However, the travel-sized version at the airport costs nearly double, at ?1.99, for just 35ml.

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