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Hopefully someone can help with pinpointing the engine number (serial number) on my 72' 351w engine in my 1949 F1? The numbers you posted are the cast identifier for the block, and the date code, 3C12, which means your block was cast on 12 March, 1973. I have located the casting number behind the starter motor which is D2AE-6015-BA-10 and 3C12. Ideally I don't want to dismantle the engine to find it but need the number to register the vehicle here in the UK. The number that you quoted in that location is the only number you will find on the engine.
But after 1968, they did stamp a partial VIN for tracking purposes in the event the part was stolen.

By the time the block had seasoned, been assembled, then shipped to an assembly plant to be installed in a vehicle, could have been in late 1973. The engine has been painted at some stage so if it is normally visible, it maybe covered in paint, although I happy to remove the paint to find it.
It would have the last number of the model year, a letter corresponding to the assembly plant code, and the 6 digit consecutive unit number of the vehicle it came from.
I have had my 351w engine for over 30 years and it's been in 5 different projects so I have had a good look at.

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