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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Toro Premium OHV Engine- Toro's Premium OHV engine is more efficient and burns cleaner than side-valve engines. Bag on Demand- With our innovative Bag-On-Demand feature, you can switch from mulching to bagging in seconds with a flip of the quick-change lever – and the bag can stay mounted in either mode.
3 Year Power Train Warranty- Sealed, maintenance-free transmission plus the engine are covered for 3 years.
3 Year Guaranteed-to-Start- Starts on one or two pulls up to three years or we'll fix it for free! 2 Year Full Coverage Warranty- If anything goes wrong, under normal use and maintenance, Toro will fix it free! All RESIDENTIAL Freight Shipments will receive a phone call from the trucking company to schedule delivery. Lift Gate Service is recommended - for all residential freight items where a customer does not have access to a loading dock or fork lift.. Toro's Personal Pace® self propel Super Recycler is one of our best selling lawn mowers. Super Recycler Cutting System- The patented Super Recycler cutting system features a veneered cutting blade, clipping accelerator and kickers that combine to give you the best cutting system Toro has to offer.
Cast Aluminum Cutting Deck- Durable, rust-free cast aluminum cutting deck converts from mulching, side discharging, or rear bagging without tools. Quick Change Storage Handle- Easily and quickly raise the handle, by turning the blue knobs, for storing the mower upright in tight spaces. Washout Port- The deck washout port is a convenient way to clean the bottom of the deck - maintaining optimum airflow for high performance.
5 Year Full Warranty- If anything goes wrong within five years, under normal use and maintenance, Toro® will fix it free! Do you have any questions about Toro 21" (53 cm) Personal Pace Honda (20382) Lawnmower? Spin-Stop™ System- This convenient safety feature stops the blade, but not the engine, so you can step away for a moment without having to restart the engine. Quick Change Storage Handle-  Easily and quickly raise the handle, by turning the blue knobs, for storing the mower upright in tight spaces.
The Toro instructions that came with my mower cite 5 hours for the initial "new mower" operation period before the first oil change and recommended 25 hours thereafter between oil changes. Finally, I avoid starting problems caused by carburetor difficulty (I have never needed more than two pulls guaranteed by Toro) by NEVER FILLING the gasoline tank - only pouring enough into the mower gas tank to cut my yard to the finish for that day then leaving the mower tank as close to empty for storage with little or no gasoline left in the tank of the mower.

As I explain above, these three "wisdom s" applied would certainly solve may of the poor rating experiences by other owners. The mower is not produced at a high level of quality; most owners have a problem starting these mowers due to the poor production of the engine and it's specifications. Toro's innovative Personal Pace® self propel system will change the way you feel about mowing. Toro’s innovative Recycler mulching system minces grass clippings into fine particles and puts them back into your lawn giving you a healthy, lush looking yard. Thanks to an open single-piece handle design, you can quickly and easily remove and reinstall the bag.
Mower Source has partnered with some of the quickest and most reliable companies in the industry. It features a Toro Premium engine, Quick Stow Storage Handle for compact, easy storage, a 5-Year Guaranteed-to-Start engine warranty plus 5-Year Full Coverage warranty and many other premium features that make mowing mower enjoyable. The Blade Override feature conveniently stops the blade, but not the engine, so you can step away to pick up an obstacle or empty the grass bag.
Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine 166 Recycler 22 in.
Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower with Briggs & Stratton Engine 14 answers Why are is it rated so low by customers? This is especially important with the engine design using aluminum piston and cylinder found in many mowers and importantly the case in this model as designed. Better than any other mower I have used, this feature works well on my mower because it is designed to be "fail-safe". At the end of the cutting season, I run the engine until it shuts itself off from fuel "starvation" being completely consumed leaving the mower tank empty AND the carburetor (which has a small bowl inside filled from the mower gas tank that holds fuel) thus becoming completely dry of fuel in the mower and empty before storage (my first thing done in the next mowing session is to add SOME fuel from a well sealed gas can, check the oil level, and pull the cord twice to start the mower).
This is a great mower, well engineered, and I was successful after a careful reading of the instructions and following these common practices for success! The website for these mowers, and their included documentation clearly indicate that Toro seems to believe that the "newer gas" is to blame for their poor design of engine & components. Accompanied with a Toro Premium OHV engine, Bag on Demand and 3 Year warranties, this is one of the highest rated mowers that Toro offers. This mower comes standard with the Personal Pace® self propel system, Quick Stow storage handle, washout port for easy cleaning and the 5 year warranties.
For homeowners seeking a lawn mower with high quality, a user-friendly design and excellent mulching capability. My 2009 Toro Recycler with the Briggs Engine made it important to be sure the engine has no overheating or overloading episode in the first 5 hours.

This means abuse by the owner (such as hitting a obstacle that stops the mower progress) should cause the least expensive damage to the drive (or ideally no damage at all).
My experience has allowed my mower to start next session and next season after I add fresh gasoline to the mower tank and check the oil level carefully before each mowing session and especially assuring an easy start at the beginning of the next season. The features are decent in design, but are produced so poorly they will not hold up over time. For homeowners seeking a lawn mower with high quality, a user-friendly design, and excellent mulching capability.
My instruction manual was not clear on the importance of NOT abusing the engine in these first five hours of operation.
The rear wheels are designed to "slip" before damage to the gear teeth inside (that are plastic to allow them to fail if overloaded - if damaged by external lockup or internal gears being stripped by the axle drive gear, wheels are replaceable with least labor and Toro part cost of about $24).
The rear axle has pinion gears of steel that drive each rear wheel that should not be damaged by abuse.
Count On It.Recycler cutting system - front throw chamber and atomic blade lift, suspend and re-cut clippings into a fine mulch for a healthy, lush lawn22 in.
If you are cutting more than a .25 in of grass it just creates lines of grass and piles wherever you stop or turn around. The 5 hours should be operation that does not overheat or overload the engine because these initial hours are important "break-in" for the engine and initial operation that overheats the engine or stops it by and overload like clogging with wet grass is abuse that at this time can leave permanent engine damage resulting in reduced engine compression (because the cylinders become scratched or "scored" harming the necessary pressure seal that can then be) hurting performance, making starting difficult, and multiple hard hot shutdowns from overload can permanently make the engine problems reported in bad reviews. The axle is driven by a pulley and gearbox that is stronger and protected by the failure of wheel gear or slippage of rear wheels. I was very careful to operate mine in dry grass with deck set to the highest cutting height allowing then engine to run at maximum engine speed without "bogging down" in the first 5 hours.
The axle (includes the transmission driven by the belt) has a Toro part cost of over $100 and if needing replacement costs much more when including the labor to replace.
Had a Yard King before this and it mulched like a champ in the same yard, got rid of it because it's heavy and hard to push on our hills.3. If my mower begins to lack power while climbing a hill, I adjust the cable as shown in the instruction manual to be sure the drive engages and turns the rear wheels while over adjusting can make it resist pulling the mower backward without releasing the drive properly.

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