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DSC (Digital Security Controls) is a Canadian company that is regarded to as one of the leaders in security system manufacturing. Digital Security Controls has been innovative in the security keypads and micro-processor based alarm panel systems development. The installation standards of the company are very high, so buying DSC alarms one ensures quality installation. The alarm systems of this brand are cost effective and are rather effective at security control. The security equipment of the company is divided into three main series: Power, Envoy and MAXSYS. The Power series is reliable security equipment that is perfect for small and medium scale security systems development. The MAXSYS series are used for the development of burglar alarm systems with lots of objects and many clients. These security systems are accepted by all monitoring centers of the world, as they correspond to all internationally accepted standards. DSC alarm systems have touch screen capabilities and offer window sensors in addition to door sensors. CCTV and video surveillance systems are proven to reduce crime, protect people and property. While any form of CCTV system that you have in place is better than not having anything in place at all, for peace of mind when it comes to purchasing the best and most effective CCTV equipment it always pays to ensure that you have the right elements in place.
Before purchasing the right CCTV and video surveillance equipment there is plenty to think about. If you are looking for a CCTV camera system for a large office space, or work area, your exact requirements will be completely different to what you would want for your home surveillance. Likewise, for your home you may feel fairly secure and live in an area where you think the chances of being robbed or broken into are low. Meanwhile when it comes to your home you may feel more secure by installing a door entry system.
1) Offers security and more freedom. Many people equate home security with being home, not leaving it. Depending on the plan you choose, you will have complete access to your home functions via ADT’s Z-Wave technology, which integrates all your electronic devices into one streamlined network, as well as an interactive touchscreen, personal portal, and mobile apps to help keep you in the know while on the go. 3) Immediate emergency alerts. Set up ADT Pulse to alert you via email or text if your home experiences an emergency alarm situation—intrusion, smoke, carbon monoxide, or fire detection, for example. 4) Powerful management options for business owners. The benefits ADT monitored home security systems offer residents are just as powerful for business owners, and so is ADT Pulse. Use it to monitor your office when away, to log employee entry and exit, or to be alerted when your business is opened or closed.

5) Energy savings within the palm of your hand. Perhaps the greatest benefit of ADT Pulse is its potential for home or business energy savings. Call ADT Home Alarms today to speak with an ADT security expert, and look for additional information to appear on our site soon!
It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. Serving all the security needs of the marketplace with the broadest, most diversified line of security products, systems and services.
PARADOX Security Systems of Canada, are manufacturers of a range of top quality motion detectors, alarm panels, keypads and peripheral equipment. Its high class equipment has been used all over the world to protect homes, industrial facilities and various organizations.
Professional installers undergo instructional seminars and tests before they are authorized to install alarm kits.
Its contemporary self-contained wireless alarm panels are highly reliable and cost-effective. They offer dialing capabilities, which make the automatic contact with a monitoring station possible. All the types have a modular architecture that allows the construction in the accordance with all customers’ requirements.
The greatest benefit of the DSC equipment is the fact it can be hooked up to detectors and sensors from other suppliers and manufacturers.
There is a lot to take on board if you want to ensure that you have purchased the best product for your requirements. Typical CCTV systems and Home Alarm Systems will consist of a number of cameras and more often than not a digital video recording device (DVR) and viewing monitors, too.
Below we have listed some questions to ask yourself when it comes to buying surveillance equipment. A top tip is to think about what you are going to actually need your surveillance camera for. For example, you may want a CCTV system for a shop installed, but how high a risk is the shop to fall victim to burglary after hours? While you can never be 100% sure that you will not become the victim of a robbery or theft, you may not want to invest in buying everything you can for what you perceive to be a low risk. Improvements in technology, cheaper costs and more expertise in terms of deployment mean that the days of installing a single camera hooked up to a video recorder are well and truly in the past. These include items such as fast alarm response, perimeter protection, personal attack monitoring and even devices such as anti-theft fog deterrents (fog released into an area to deter any intruders). The benefits for a door entry system means that you will be able to view and speak to visitors before you let them into your home.

Yet ADT Pulse offers consumers the ability to do just that—remain in complete control over their homes while on the go.
Whether you log in to your mobile app to virtually lock your doors or automate certain home functions to take place at a specific time every day, you’ll be saving time, stress, and potentially money. Your ability to receive this important information of course depends upon how you set up your system: Do you have a monitored smoke detector paired with your ADT monitored security system? Did you opt in to mobile alerts? For example, if you have a motion sensor placed on a back door and you would like an alert every time someone crosses it between a certain time period, you can do so—easily. Video surveillance that can, depending upon your plan, be accessed on the go means a reduction in workplace theft and added employee accountability.
By adjusting your thermostat and lighting remotely, or creating a schedule when each is to be turned off or down each day, you are not only saving electricity but saving money.
Known for its innovative research and development, Paradox is a recognised force in the world security industry. DSC home alarm systems are used due to such factors as reliability, affordability and simple installation. The brand offers false alarm reduction features and a variety of monitoring services including ADT. The alarms detect the slightest movement, as the signals travel through cords, and don’t rely on radio waves.
They are manufactured to provide protection for low temperatures, flooding, smoke detection and carbon monoxide. Or is it more likely that your CCTV system is being installed to track pick-pockets and petty theft. So a question to ask yourself when looking in to CCTV systems is – what extras do I need exactly?
No matter where you go, as long as you have a computer or smartphone with an internet connection, you can manage your lighting, thermostat, garage doors, sensors, cameras, and more, ensuring your home is safe and secure at all times. Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account. Offer valid for new ADT Authorized Dealer customers only and not on purchases from ADT Security Services, Inc.

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