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No stranger to the injustice of racial hatred, five-year-old Peekay learns the hard way the first secret of survival and self-preservation - the power of one.
In this 30-day companion workbook to There's No Such Thing as "Business" Ethics, bestselling author John C. If you're on the verge of giving up on sinners, or if you've already resigned from the battle against evil, Francis Frangipane has a hopeful message that will cause you to fall to your knees and intercede with love and mercy on the behalf of sinners. Frangipane's writings consistently minister great things which strengthen my spirit and my walk with the Lord! At this point Tolle brings up the concept of Zen, which is based upon the idea of being so completely present that nothing can affect you.
An encounter with amateur boxer Hoppie Groenewald inspires in Peekay a fiery ambition - to be welterweight champion of the world. Maxwell demonstrates how we can live with integrity by using the Golden Rule as our standard-in business and in life.
Award winning philanthropist Steve Maraboli shares ideas for taking simple steps of action to make your world, this world, a better place.
Twelve brief biographies of outstanding Christians, including John Wesley, William Booth, and George Mller, provide real-life examples of the ability of a godly intercessor to impact the world for Christ. While I disagree with Fragipane's eschatology, his words on the indwelling power of Christ are wonderful.
Chapters one and two have shown that this is an important step towards being present, but really, how do you do it? It’s so nice to be able to see how someone else is interpreting something I just read.

I read this book about a year and a half ago, and it’s been great revisiting key concepts.
In fact, Maxwell suggests the higher standard of exceeding the Golden Rule-by treating people better than they treat us, helping those who cannot help us, doing right when it is natural to do wrong, and keeping promises, even when it hurts.An ethics guide for any situation, each "day" of The Power of One offers a Drilling Down section which features a case study or story that illustrates the day's topic, Summarizing Principles on the subject, penetrating questions for Making Evaluation, and points of application for Taking Action. The positive impact that simple gestures can have in our homes, our communities, and globally is immeasurable. It inspires you to live it - we all have that power to apply the ideas - but the book will do you no good UNLESS you live it. It has brought my family together- we choose a kind gesture every day to do, and at the end of the day we talk about our experiences.
As you seek God's mercy for others, you will find His mercy for yourself and be transformed in the process. I have yet to experience a breakthrough moment, I’m having a hard time watching my thoughts and emotions. Living in the present is very difficult for me, I’m constantly tripping into the future, freaking out about the past.
I felt like I was mediating even though my surroundings are not exactly calm and peaceful at the moment. Maxwell reveals the factors that can "tarnish" the Golden Rule and teaches how to develop the Midas touch in personal integrity. Along with easy ideas for inspiring participation, this powerful little book is laced with Steve's popular philosophies as well as wisdom from many great minds.
As Tolle puts it, “If you set yourself a goal and work toward it (in the Now) you are using clock time.

But it’s not easy.  I’ll do it for a minute or so and I don’t feel any different…my mind goes right back to the race of thoughts. I find myself thinking about thinking and it feels like a big cycle I have yet to get past. The gifts of this book are the wonderful experiences and synchronicities that come with recognizing the power we all have to shape our world.
Funnily enough, it happened as I was typing this post.  The moment may not have been ideal – I’m sitting at my desk, I have music playing, and I’ve got my book in front of me, looking down at the page as I type.
But for a brief moment, as I typed one of the passages that Tolle wrote, I wasn’t thinking about what I was writing, I just was…I wasn’t thinking about anything, really.
20 years later and it's still on my top 10 favorite book list (and I read more than 15 books a month). The music was playing and I suddenly found myself noticing my breath…in and out, in and out…and I felt my head on my shoulders, and I felt the beauty of the music in my ears.
As he explains, the past is really just things that occurred in the Now, and the future is really just things that will occur in the Now. This book is a jewel and a blockbuster--a jewel in that it will open your heart, a blockbuster in that The Power of One is truly limitless.

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