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LIC Jeevan Vriddhi Plan is a Single Premium Endowment Plan with Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured. If the Life Insured dies within the Policy Tenure, the Sum Assured is paid as Death Benefit.
The Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured would be calculated as per the age of entry of the Life Insured. Maturity Benefit – At the maturity of the policy, the Life Insured will get Sum Assured + Loyalty Additions as declared by the company as Maturity Benefit.
Income Tax Benefit – Premiums paid under life insurance policy are exempted from tax under Section 80 C and maturity proceeds are exempted from tax under Section 10 (10D).
There is no doubt that the coming of industrialization in New England dramatically altered the ways families of the time were connected, communicated, and supported one another. Despite Gray’s somewhat romanticized understanding of life in America before massive-scale industrialization, the fact remains that families and for that matter, standard gender, family, and rules for children and their place within the family structure were far more cohesive as they not only relied on each other for economic and social support, but on their communities as well. Perhaps one of the greatest general statements to be made about the changes that resulted from the Industrial Revolution in New England is that families were no longer, if even by proxy, required to remain tight-knit and solely reliant on another. In case of short term investments that are held for trading, it is highly important for an investor to know whether he should sell his investments, hold them, or whether he should acquire new investments.
Shares can be bought when the company shows very promising financial performance in the future periods.
Shares should be held when the market performance of a company is stable and the prospects are good. It can be concluded that the success of an investor depends upon the feasibility and the timing of his decision buy, sell, or hold the shares.
However, if the Life Insured survives till the end of the policy tenure, Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured + Loyalty Additions would be paid as Maturity Benefit. With the rapid shift away from more localized family-based agrarian or small business enterprises to one that required longer hours, often away from immediate family with work that was not of immediate importance to the family itself, the impact on the early American family cannot be underestimated.

With new employment opportunities opening up for women, men and children in New England and America, families were now more free to split apart, move away, or engage in work that their gender or age might not have otherwise allowed. Before this time children worked in fields, women, as their gender roles demanded in this pre- Industrial Revolution society and family structure in New England took care of the home and men worked in the fields. This decision may not be easy to make and there is always some risk involved, but there are certain factors that can help an investor make this decision. Mostly, when the share price of a company is low and the company releases exceptionally promising financial results, this may set the share price on an upward track which may go on for a substantial period of time. This can be done in order to prevent risk as further downslide in the value of stocks can widen the extent of loss. For example; if the stocks of a company do not perform impressively in the market but there is concrete information regarding the revival of the stocks in the near future, it may be a rational decision to hold the stocks of the company to benefit from the prospective rise in value. If these decisions are made in the right manner, an investor can earn very high benefits from the rise and fall of the share prices.
Before the onset of the Industrial Revolution in New England and early America, “The household was not only the industrial center but also the social center, for its members derived social satisfaction from working together and from rustic amusements enjoyed at home or on the village green” (Gray 1992: 244).
In addition to leading to families now having the opportunity to leave home to seek employment, the coming of the Industrial Revolution to New England sparked many changes involving the role and function of having children came about, as did other paradigm shifts in the way gender roles were perceived and even solidified.
The historic market performance of the company is the biggest indicator of the prospective performance. Therefore, this may also be an opportunity for the investors to buy the shares in the company.
Therefore, most investors tend to sell the stocks when there is concrete information that the shares of a company will lose their value for a long period of time.
This plan has a fixed tenure of 10 years although there is Surrender Facility and Loan Facility after 1 policy year. Therefore, the trend in the market performance of the company can help an investor make this decision.

However, selling the stocks may not be a rational decision if the decline in the value of shares is temporary.
The stock of the company has not shown any impressive performance in the recent past but the latest financial information released by the company indicates profitable rise in value in the future.
The stock of the company was undermined due to the lack of the company’s ability to meet its demand.
If there is sufficient indication that the stocks will recover their value in a short period of time, it may be wise to hold the stocks. With the shift away from the traditional modes of cottage industry in New England before the Industrial Revoltion or highly localized familial production came a related shift of family values. However, as soon as the company announced favorable financial results along with the disclosure that the supply chain issues have been dealt with, the stocks of the company were revived. Instead of being tied to the home because one was needed to assist with farm or family business tasks, young people were now more free to explore their own paths.
This gave the investors an opportunity to buy the stock to earn high returns in a short term. Women, instead of being relegated domestic tasks were now granted an opportunity to earn an income, even if it was significantly less than that earned by male counterparts. Entire communities, comprised of family units and networks, were split and the traditional bonds of inter-family support that arose out of necessity, particularly because of farm-related and family business tasks, was now quite as essential. In sum, the arrival of the Industrial Revolution in New England, despite some of its drawbacks, brought with it opportunity and the potential to move away from traditional family networks.

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