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Les Stroud travels to the Mitre Peninsula, a remote peninsula located on the easternmost tip of Isla Grande in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Les journeys to an active volcano chain found in the Grenadine Islands deep in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Les pits his jungle survival skills against the incredibly diverse mountain jungle terrain of Grenada’s largest active mountain, Mt. After all his years of wilderness survival around the globe, the forests of Ontario’s Temagami still rank as some of the most difficult, harrowing and challenging survival experiences Les has ever faced. Les and his 16-year-old son Logan find themselves trapped without supplies and without a way home while sea kayaking along the coastline of British Columbia. In the first episode of this 2-part special, Les finds himself in a remote track of forested land in Alberta, Canada, a renowned Bigfoot hot spot. In the second episode of this 2-part special, Les continues his survival in the remote area of Northern Alberta to get as close as he can – if that’s possible – to the legend known as Sasquatch. About Blue Ant MediaBlue Ant Media is a privately held international media company that owns and operates 10 media brands including Cottage Life, Love Nature, Smithsonian Channel Canada and Makeful. Last month on The Joe Rogan Experience, Survivor expert Les Stroud talked about his two experiences with what he believed to be a Bigfoot in remote areas around the world. According to Les, his experience in the Bush was a hair-raising one when one night he heard someone walking up to his tent.
When the crunching of the footsteps got closer to his tent, he reacted by shouting out into the dead of the night. I sure hope Les is not following through on rumors that he is teaming up with Todd Standing. Bigfoot hunter Todd Standing has pitched many skeptics on the legendary primates, but perhaps none tougher than the Survivorman.
For two weeks this past fall, Standing and TVa€™s Les Stroud combed the deep brush in the Kootenays and a central Alberta hamlet for a new series in search of the elusive beast. On a promotional tour-stop in Calgary this week, Stroud called Alberta one of the a€?hottest spots in the worlda€? to chase the hominid-like creatures. Stroud has garnered famed for trekking through remote corners of the world armed with only a video camera and keen set of survival skills. And Standing confirms the tough-as-nails Survivorman is a€?the real deala€? following their trailblazing expedition. While careful not to leak any show secrets, Standing claims there were sightings to back-up what he's asserted for a decade.
Ita€™s not the first time the TV spotlight has landed on Standing and his research into the hairy, arguably mythical beasts. The head of the Calgary Sylvanic groupA insists evidence is mounting in his favour, citing findings of hair, footprints, and witness testimony.
SURVIVORMAN Les Stroud takes you along on an adventure to some of the most abandoned regions in the world—from the high Sonoran desert to the Norwegian mountains. This part of Patagonia is known as being particularly unforgiving and inaccessible due to the ever-changing weather, the absence of roads or paths and a combination of cliffs, peat bogs, forest and valleys.

Stranding himself on an uninhabited island called Frigate, Les is left to survive on his own.
Breathtakingly beautiful, Temagami’s old growth pine forests and refreshing blue lakes, bountiful with fish and wildlife, are sure to test Les’s survival skills yet again. Stranded after their motor dies, Les and Logan are quickly plunged into an intense survival situation that could happen to any summer cottager. Inundated by requests from fans to uncover the truth about Bigfoot since revealing his own possible Bigfoot encounter while shooting Survivorman in Alaska in 2009, Les puts his own reputation on the line to uncover the truth about this elusive and quite possibly fictitious creature.
Full of skepticism, Les enlists the help of a Bigfoot tracker named Todd Standing, who claims to have had multiple interactions with the legendary creature in the area. Blue Ant Media creates and distributes content worldwide ranging from nature to DIY, outdoor living to music, engaging fans across television, digital, magazines and live events. First in the Australian outback and then in Alaska, Les gave a detailed account as to what he witnessed while being asked about Bigfoot.
My book based on the real haunting of Doris Bither (The Entity 1982 movie) will be released fall of 2016.
Asked about the experience, the Canadian survival expert played coy over what viewers will see when the final two episodes air this March. Evidence of things that could be argued about whether or not theya€™re tracks of an unknown species or are they simply tracks of a big bear,a€? A StroudA told Metro.
With little more than the clothes on his back and his trusty harmonica, this survivalist and filmmaker shows you what it means to truly live off the land. Discovered by Columbus in 1498, the island has remained untouched by civilization for centuries largely due to the fierce waves that pummel its craggy shores.
Les returns to the oldest mountain ranges in North America to survive with no food, no water, no shelter, no safety and no camera crew. Lack of food, unsafe water and inclement weather can wreck havoc on the body – let alone one's mood. Enlisting the help of Bigfoot expert Todd Standing, Les goes in as a skeptic, debunking myths and exploring the possibility of purposely broken trees and structures made in ways that seem highly unlikely to be made by natural causes.
The company also owns Omnia Media, a YouTube network and Choice TV, a broadcast channel in New Zealand. Serving as a one-man camera crew, Stroud ventures to the far reaches of the world—from the desolate, frozen tundra of Arctic Canada to the barren, desert wastelands of the Australian Outback. After the appearance of white men, the indigenous population was wiped out in a matter of 200 years.
Scouring the shoreline for edible marine life, Les must work to secure freshwater, build shelter and make fire. Nestled along the invisible line where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela, this island jungle feels mysterious, shrouded in mist, veiled from the sun by thick blankets of cloud.
Les makes camp in bowl-like topography to give the beasts of the wilderness the high ground.
Plowing through the evidence and revealing incredible never-before-seen footage that Todd has captured over twenty years of tracking Bigfoot in the bush, it all seems too incredible to ignore.

Blue Ant Media is based in Toronto and has offices in Los Angeles, London (UK) and Auckland.
Moments later a loud primate-like call erupted from the bushes, terrorizing Les and his crew. This sort of isolation can be extremely trying and Stroud must remain calm at all times depend on his physical and mental strength.
Despite efforts to settle in the peninsula that included seal fur factories, gold mining, logging and cattle ranching, no venture has ever endured the harsh environment. While being stranded on a Caribbean island may sound inviting, it is in reality incredibly difficult. Key challenges are the incessant sting of mosquitos, blackflies and deerflies, as well as staying ever vigilant for moose, wolves, bears and other territorial wildlife. Armed with nothing more than a camera, belt knife and extreme night-vision cameras, Les is quickly plunged into a dangerous survival situation where long nights spent alone in Bigfoot territory could mean death by mountain lion…or worse. He is a real life superhero, the perfect subject for Bluewater Production’s newest adventure comic.“So much of being Survivorman has turned out to be surreal and so very exciting for my life. Les will be dropped into this inhospitable landscape and left to survive with no food, no shelter, no water, and no safety gear or camera crew. Les is forced to eat prickly pear cactus, hunt for bird eggs and even contemplates trapping one of the thousands of turtles that occupy the island. Boasting its original ecosystem, the jungle is home to mona monkeys, tarantulas, scorpions, armadillo, iguana, parrots and possums –an abundance of food for Les if he can catch it.
For an expedition to yield any success, the search must be made by the most elite of wilderness experts who have the experience to film in the extreme conditions one can expect from the most remote locations. The most exhilarating and fun result yet is being turned into a comic book super hero!!!  I absolutely love it!” said Les Stroud This fall, “Survivorman: The Horn of Providence” follows Les “Survivorman” Stroud as he is in hot pursuit of a stolen artifact from America’s early history.
When it comes to survival islands, the island of Frigate offers what all islands do: isolation…of your body, your mind and your spirit. Les must use his years of jungle survival experience to avoid the many poisonous plants and trees indigenous to the jungle – all while carrying more than 50 pounds of camera gear on his back.
Davis, President of Bluewater has assembled a passionate and creative team, and we look forward to ushering the “Survivorman” into comic book form. I love the show and hope that Les’ fans will find plenty to like as this story continues.““Working on Survivorman has been very interesting,” Lucey commented. It has been hard work but I enjoy it!”Producing “Survivorman: The Horn of Providence” gave Bluewater Productions the unique opportunity to blend two genres of comic books together. I know what you mean; he can get annoying sometimes, but the stuff he teaches he actually knows.

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