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To mark the anniversary of the deadly tsunami that ravaged Japan two years ago, the country has decided to turn the last surviving tree from the disaster into a massive sculpture. The tree survived for about 18 months after the tsunami, but it eventually died due to high levels of saline in the soil.
It was then chopped down and dismantled to create giant molds for the trunk and branches of the sculpture.
The towering monument will be erected at the same location where the tree once stood—to serve as a memorial to the tragic disaster. Michael Bay gets his fair share of flack, but the director is sure great at blowing things up. Before Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich, there was Irwin Allen, whose numerous disaster films in the 70’s earned him the moniker, “The Master of Disaster." In a career filled with brilliant disasters, his magnum opus is probably the capsizing scene in The Poseidon Adventure.
A science class of a film, Dante’s Peak lives on to teach dozens of junior high students about all the ways a volcano could kill you. Also directed by Irwin Allen, Towering Inferno was yet another entry in the wave of 70's disaster films. Roland Emmerich has destroyed a fair amount of cities in his day, but his most famous feat is probably drowning most of New York City in The Day after Tomorrow.
While there is already a tsunami on the list, the one depicted in The Impossible is all the more poignant since it depicts an actual disaster that hit Thailand in 2004.

The Mayans must have skipped a decimal point when predicting the apocalypse because the earth is still spinning a whole two years after, but we do have them to thank for 2012. On a rural road in Millfield stand the ruins of the worst mine disaster in the history of the state of Ohio. On November 5, 1930, gases in the mine were ignited by a spark between a trolley car and its railing.
As a monument to those killed, the site was left as-is, and a historical marker was erected there. I had the opportunity to visit the mine explosion site with Troy and Jennifer, who e-mailed me about it and were nice enough to take me out there.
In his 1997 flick Armageddon, he levels several of New York’s most famous landmarks in spectacular, meteoric fashion. When a huge wave hits a luxury cruise liner, it sends partygoers flying and crashing through the ship’s glitzy ball room.
The comet scene from Deep Impact is jaw-dropping, and the destruction caused by its impact on earth is pure, unflinching, and complete. The scariest danger spewing from the eruption were the pyroclastic clouds of ash that wiped out the surrounding town of Dante’s Peak like an atom bomb. In the scene, a mythic storm hits Manhattan and sends people scrambling over taxi cabs to escape a vicious wave of water sweeping through midtown.

The film has its share of CGI ruination, but this is destruction on a much more intimate scale. The best part: all the carnage and destruction stretched across the 3 minute scene is seemingly filmed in one take.
While chasing the storm, the main characters find themselves on a stretch of road with random tractors dropping out of the sky, and an entire house that rolls into the middle of the highway. It's the kind of disaster that swallows skyscrapers and reclaims the Manhattan skyline as a new subsection of the Atlantic Ocean. During the film, several of the characters meet their doom falling from the hi-rise while on fire.
After the actual tsunami is over, the camera zooms in on one family trying to survive in the aftermath. While most flicks in the genre ramp of the destruction in spurts and starts, 2012 is a near-continuous two hours of nature trying to kill main character John Cusack and his family. No doubt there’s some directorial trickery going on here, but the end product is a breathtaking walk through hell.

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