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Appropriate to make use of in many situations such as camping, carrying, school activities, and so forth.
The PLUS version of our workplace first aid kits provides you with everything you need to prepare your workplace for an emergency. The wall bracket means you can place your kit in a prominent and accessible area in your workplace. Product arrived within 1 wk of purchase with tracking info supplied.Product is lt wt and durable - easy to hang on wall.
The best Australia- wide compliant KIT for the home (and it is compliant if your home is a place of work).

A world class leader, Survival prides itself in leading the first aid industry in design and manufacture.
You can rest assured that our products are 100% legit, shipped straight from the manufacturers warehouse. Survival Emergency Solutions has created innovative first aid kits and solutions for your workplace, vehicle and home in Australia. The PLUS kit also comes with a wall bracket and a copy of the award winning First Aid Emergency Handbook.
This First Aid Emergency Handbook contains detailed instructions for just about any emergency that you are likely to experience in the home or workplace.

You can store the handbook in the wall bracket or on the fridge thanks to a large magnet on the top of the book.

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