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Your current entry cannot be processed due to guidelines for past and present player names. There are a number of groups out there that are trying to use recent event to spread chaos throughout the country.
This is no longer about police shootings, civil rights, or any of the other phony excuses they are using to terrorize these cities; this is about creating chaos and bringing the system to its knees.Please Stay Alert!!! You might want to look into where Snopes gets its funding!The Snopes article claims that a similar threat was made on August 14, 2014 and that because a similar threat was made that day and nothing happened that this must be a rumor. Well, August 14, 2014, is also the exact night that rioters looted Ferguson and burned buildings down to the ground. Half these ass clowns have never been in a fist fight, let alone know LEO procedure when bad shit happens at lightning speed. And sad and completely unfortunate that these shootings happen, with these last two being most likely bad ones. Well what they forget to tell you is that he was a suspect in an armed robbery which is really why the joker was pulled over. He was also smoking weed with a 4 year old in the car, that actually nullifies his conceal carry privileges since you can’t carry while under the influence. Close Close United States Canada Mexico United Kingdom Spain Australia Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore Visit our global site Close Earn $5 in Free CASHBACK on your next purchase, with qualifying purchase.* When is your birthday?

And I truly believe that those saying this is a hoax are the same people that have been covering up all the violence at these protests, to begin with. And how exactly can they call something that has not happen yet a hoax, that’s pretty bold of them, I thought they only dealt with the facts!
There were riots not only in Chicago, but that is the night that Ferguson was looted and buildings were burnt to the ground. You can watch the video yourself of him and Diamond smoking pot in the car…with the 4 year old. I am so sick of the media publishing bits of the story and people making judgments before they know the facts.
With regard to the first, there was a struggle on the ground between the officer and the man he shot.
The goal is to install shiria law while causing civil unrest, order out of chaos, exactly the plan in the EU going on now. Stay home, lock the doors and windows, set ol’Bessy next to the recliner and spend some quality time at home with the family. Simple logic, and it will have the bonus of demonstrating that we law-abiding citizens and gun owners are, in fact, peaceful and non-confrontational. Do NOT give the current administration what it wants, which is s reason to declare Martial Law!

Same shit, over and over, if its not terrorists, its black people, if not black people its gay people, when does the fear mongering stop, oh I know , when you stop making money doing it! I personally have no problem with what people do, until what they do affects me and other hard working folks who are just trying to provide for their families. Keep in mind that it’s people like you who come here and call others names, push your wacky political ideologies, and spread actual intolerance who are THE BIGOTS! Preparedness is a human issue, not an issue dedicated to one race, gender or whatever the hell it is you are trying to push! Somebody is going to get hurt or killed and you did nothing except try to get people to think nothing was going to happen. Look up the stats, the last recorded year, 2014 I think, police killed more whites by over a 100. There movement physically put hands on a victim and pinned her to the wall screaming all these racist terms to the poor girl at a college.
Police have worked so hard to lower crips bloods black panthers hell’s angels kkk etc.

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