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Craig's uncle, Elroy Jones, (Curry) moves to Rancho Cucamonga with son Day-Day, and his lustful Suga, who can't stop licking Craig. Of course the big question plaguing Next Friday was the fact that Chris Tucker was not going to co-star. Mike Epps as Day-Day - brings us his unique comedic styles, voices and physical acting and does a fine job of filling the huge vacuum left by Tucker.
Don "DC" Curry as Uncle Elroy - delivered lines in that unique rising southern baritone, while adding maturity and foolishness with one fell swoop.

Lisa Rodriguez as Karla - gorgeous, curvaceous, and sexy without revealing her body; newcomer Rodriguez provides a warm feel to the film. Rancho de Redstone has chickens, cows, sheep, and squid on site, but we're known for our pigs. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. Jones - absolutely one of the funniest actors of the film; he has taken the character of Craig's dad and made him unforgettable.

Whether it's sleeping under the stars (which we do not recommend unless you have someone keeping a watch out for mobs), splashing around at the bottom of a mine shaft, or sitting round a furnace listening to music discs, we promise your chosen method of relaxation is waiting for you at Rancho de Redstone. J is all too happy to have Craig out of the house so he and his wife can "get busy on that shag-rug." Once Craig arrives in Cucamonga, every obstacle to a normal suburban life jumps up and shouts, welcome to the burbs, wouldn't you rather be in the hood?

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